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15th august outfit ideas , 15th-august. victoria memorial . what to wear on 15th august. happy independence day. , travelhues by babita sen

15th august out...

Hi guys wish all of my Indian readers a very happy Independence Day! Well, the moment you will be reading this, I will be out for a movie and a lunch date afterwards. Hehe 😊 Okay, let me tell ya, today's post is bit different than what I usually talk about here! So, let's talk about it!

For today, I created this look to celebrate 15th August! I had this idea stuck in my mind since I have got back in Kolkata(India)! I have caught up with thousands of things that I need to organise and put together in the blog, but it’s a mess right now, and so need time! To give you a bit more life update, I have been working on something exciting on my city Kolkata (Calcutta) and ethnic/Indian wears lately! So guys keep an eye out on my blog and comment below to let me know if you would like me to make this type of contents more!

Okay, said enough, let’s get back into my outfits details and also sharing some other tips on how you can create a tricolour to celebrate this day!
For my look, I took a white Kurti that has a little green embroidery work around the chest, but let’s not notice that for now, since that’s totally irrelevant for today’s look! Well, I couldn’t find any better piece than this so please ignore the embroidery! The product length felt great and the cotton fabric is nice too! Good to spend the day wearing it, comfy and relaxing!
To create the tricolour I have added a green coloured leggings and an orange hued dupatta, yes you that right, it’s hued orange not saffron! Saffron seemed hard to find one out hence orange! And it looks great and turned out to look saffron, what else could have been as great as an orange! And I finally have got my tricolour!
To finish off the look, I have added some silver jewellery and a pair of brown flats matching with my crossbody bag!

Tips to create tricolour few other ways are as follows :

• If you’re more a skirt person than Kurti, you can grab a green skirt and pair with a white blouse and saffron/orange bag to have the tricolour!

• If you would like to kept western, a green denim/ trouser/ culottes with a white blouse will cool with a saffron scarf on neck or a bandana will be a perfect put together and will look more elegant and chic.

• If you’re not that kind of girl who loves playing with tricolour on clothes, try out the colours with bangles, or on your lips (search on Google for lips ideas), on your eyes or just simply draw the tricolour on your cheek!

So, that’s it for today! Hope you guys find it helpful and celebrating 15th August with these colours! Thank you so much to all of you for stopping by! I hope you guys have a wonderful day! See ya on next post!
summer casuals : 3 striped looks , summer-stripe , travelhues by babita sen

summer casuals ...

Hi good morning my friends! When it comes to stripes, I find everything fine and just perfect! Stripes are clean, minimal and so versatile enough not to get bored of the pattern over time. How timeless does this particular pattern sound? I love anything stripped! I can wear it all year round!
I thought to share few of my striped pieces, which are my most worn so far since past two months probably!
This navy blue striped t-shirt is best among all with a straight hemline! Such a classic timeless piece. I love that classic neckline with those sporty short sleeves. The length is exceptionally quite long compared to other tees. I love the cotton spandex fabric, it felt stretchy and superior soft.
I have paired it with one of my blue denim. I took a pair of my black heels (most most worn!) and black crossbody bag, as you guys already know about this bag you have read my previous post!

summer casuals : 3 striped looks , summer-stripe , travelhues by babita sen
summer casuals : 3 striped looks , summer-stripe , travelhues by babita sen
summer casuals : 3 striped looks , summer-stripe , travelhues by babita sen
summer casuals : 3 striped looks , summer-stripe , travelhues by babita sen

Okay! Beside this look, I’m sharing two more striped tops, that I love wearing a lot!

The black and white striped fitted knit top with that stylish stand collar goes super perfect to style in autumn honestly! But I worn it already so thought to speak a bit about it here. I just love it! It fitted me perfectly and it felt great against the skin! I love that design around the chest and short sleeves! Not really bad to style year round if you love a little black! I braided my hair to give it a different look and added a black sun/ baseball cap (on my hand in the below picture though)!

summer casuals : 3 striped looks , summer-stripe , travelhues by babita sen

And lastly comes the maroon and black striped full sleeved thin sweater! Yea, you read it right! That’s a sweater! I worn it a lot and still seem not to get that enough! What a lovely piece! True to colour! Fitting is a bit loose on me though, but the fabric felt nice! I love it!

summer casuals : 3 striped looks , summer-stripe , travelhues by babita sen

Guys do please let me know what particular design or pattern you worn the most this year? What do you love/prefer, solids or patterns? Well, I think I love both equally! Both are great to go comfy and chic! Though solid sounds more versatile(especially white and black)!

Thank you so much you all! Hope you like it & have a great start of your week!!! Happy Monday ya!
forever 21 black sling bag , forever-21-black-sling-bag , travelhues by babita sen

forever 21 blac...

Can anyone tell me how did August got here already? It works like a reminder that the festival isn’t far!
Okay! I have received quite a few compliments on this bag on my Facebook and Instagram, so here you have this post! I mean, yay, I finally stopped by today with this black sling bag from forever 21!
Let me tell yay, the moment I eyed this bag, I so crazily fell in love in no time that I bought two almost with same features (bit different in design though, will come up with that later).
I especially fell for that golden metallic hoop! Oh how gorgeous does it look! It enables you to carry as handbag. The long black sling strap is detachable and adjustable, which makes the bag perfect for any party or event wear! Such an all in one package! Haha 😆
And the colour black makes it versatile, and for that reason I have been wearing it way too much! Yay, why not? If you buy a piece that you can’t style and restyle multiple times, it’s not a worth purchase!

forever 21 black sling bag , forever-21-black-sling-bag , travelhues by babita sen

It has a magnetic button closer, no zip feature, easy to go and insert or grab your stuffs real quick. Okay, on another note, truth be told, if you become unmindful of how you keep the bag, any tiny stuffs could be lost! Haha, that’s true! I though hardly carry any tiny stuffs or something like that, so it’s not a problem on that way! 😊
For anyone who loves this metallic golden hoop design, forever 21 has launched few more new designs with this hoop function! Go, check them ‘em out, see if you find any! Just couldn't find more better time than today to share this product review!

Thank you so much guys for stopping by! Hope you like it!! Have a happy Wednesday you all!
monsoon style : tips for rainy season , monsoon-style , travelhues by babita sen

monsoon style :...

Hey good morning my friends! I will be talking on monsoon/ rainy season style today! The time is running hard, where monsoon has finally got into it’s full swing, where we can’t be sure when will it rain or when will it be a sunny beautiful weather!! For anyone who are having rainy days or anyone who lives in a tropical country like India, Singapore etc, it’s a monsoon season going on currently, where style could become hard unless you know the tips and tricks how to style and make the monsoon colourful and fun. To uplift the monsoon or rainy season’s style, I’m sharing few quick tips for you guys.

Light fabrics

Rain is unpredictable when its monsoon and where no dress would look good if you get drenched in rain! And since we tend to forget carry umbrella sometimes, it would be perfect if you go for light fabrics like, cotton does the job just right. For those who lives in cooler climates, it tends to go down and make the weather cool, breezy, a light trench coat, full sleeves knit cardigans or a rain slicker would go cool.

Dress codes

monsoon style : tips for rainy season , monsoon-style , travelhues by babita senTo enjoy rain with style and to make the look fun and silhouette short or knee length skirts with a crop top will go cool. Linen pants, jumpsuits or playsuits are great choice too. Even a shirt with a trouser can be easy to manage. Just avoid too many layers but a scarf could be of great useful to spice up your look.

Accessories up

monsoon style : tips for rainy season , monsoon-style , travelhues by babita senAccessorising your hair could be a great fix and perfect to let your monsoon style speak loud. Like you use a sun-cap or baseball cap, or a floppy hat, use some colourful side clips, or go for bandana with some quirky prints or patterns as the crown or solid bold stripped ones with braids. Using a scarf or bandana as neckpiece or hand bracelets are way great too.

Umbrella, rainproof or PU boots (rain boots)

monsoon style : tips for rainy season , monsoon-style , travelhues by babita senWe all love rain, but it becomes boring quite easily, isn’t it true? To keep the boredom away and enjoy the monsoon with a colourful umbrella or a transparent umbrella might go cool to swing your mood. To give one’s look a colourful vibrant touch, a pair of red coloured rain boots sounds can be perfect match!
Rainproof jackets or rain slickers are great too to make the rain season fun and colourful.

Umm, okay I think, I’m done now! What are your tips to style rainy season, please do let me know? What you think about these tips?? Let me know yay!

I’m working on something exciting! There are quite a few travel posts coming up your way, in couple of weeks or in a month or two! Just caught up with so many things right now!!!

Thank you guys for stopping by! Hope you like it and find it helpful! Happy Monday! 😊
asymmetric knot dress, you need to have one , asymmetric-knot-dress , travelhues by babita sen

asymmetric knot...

Hi, good morning friends! Okay before I get into my outfits detail, I want to ask/ say, how did we get into the end of the month July(I mean near to close the month!), and two steps closer to the year end? Where did the time go? Oh! How quick it goes on! While getting ready this morning for the day and writing my contents, it got me thinking how quick time goes by! You might read me, saying this quite frequently, but this is so true! Don’t we all seem to feel the same?

Ummm, okay, keep it apart! Let’s talk on my outfits. Well, I can’t believe that I made my hands on some asymmetric dresses. While I don’t usually opt for them! I’m always on the look out for an elevated basics AND this asymmetric piece spices that up just right. I love that knot around the waist and the pleats, it creates upto the chest. The asymmetric angular cut on the bottom and the knot around the waist make the dress look even more dramatic together.
It doesn’t reveal the skin much, very comfortable and feminine. I love it!!! I love the round neckline and half sleeves which go perfectly in hot and sweltering summer.
It’s so perfect, the colour, the fitting, and the midi length, everything!
Do you guys like asymmetric dresses? If you don't, you should and get one today! No matter what type of design you choose, its super flattering!!!

The weather was fantastically beautiful while shooting this dress! I love a beautiful sunny weather with bit winds, that really helps us shooting good. If you are like me, you sure would like that too, and know how that helps!

Thank you so much for reading through! I hope you like it and have a happy Monday! 😊
pleated maroon skirt , pleated-maroon-skirt , travelhues by babita sen

pleated maroon ...

Oh, I finally got my hands on some pleated skirts! I saw it anywhere and everywhere, and needless to say, I fell in love! Well, I think skirts are always versatile, no matter what design you choose!
I find this particular design so gorgeous honestly! Like, see how it shines and twirls around. I love twirling around and anything that comes with this feature, melts my heart! Umm, like an ice cream melts with temperatures! Haha, it just stroked in my mind!!! 😆 I mean, its super perfect twirling skirt ever!
Its so versatile that, it goes with almost everything. Like, from a low/ high heels with a silk or satin top/blouse to create an edgy stylish look, to a tee with a pair of sneakers to make a super comfy, casual look.

I wanted one in red but couldn’t find it in red, hence ended up buying this colour palette! (I think it’s good to take maroon, it’s a dark brownish red colour after all) If you have been following me for a while now or have read a few of my previous posts, then you might know, red is my favourite colour. So, had to grab a similar shade at least! 😊
It fits just right on the middle of the waist with a fastening concealed side zip. I love that silhouette look it creates, so feminine and elegant! So just my style! It feels great against the skin, super smooth and silky-silky floaty. Oh boy, I so love it!!! 😍

I really loved shooting this pleated A-line midi skirt! The weather was beautiful and in our favour but bit windy. Since the weather was bit windy, it was so much fun and had a lovely experience. We had to wait sometimes though to let the wind go and get the weather at normalcy. Every time I tried to make twirls, the wind made it fun only and that one good shot wasn’t happening! Whatsoever, with length, we finally got the spot windproof and had quite a few shots but I liked only one as you can see on the gallery of photos. Ah yay, that was the experience shooting this skirt!

I worn it with my favourite off the shoulder fitted white crop top. I consider this top/ blouse is the best purchase of the year 2018 among all my blouses! See, how they complement each other so well. I really couldn’t find any other colour than white to pair with it.

I have completed the look with a pair of white heels AND solid white sling bag. This pair of heels is super comfy and doesn’t pain a much! I had no shoe bite wearing it so far! And it means a lot to me! Really! Because I have a tendency of having shoe bites no matter, what brand I try on. I always use to get that mark on my foot or toes!!! And I hate that happening, I hate that so much!!! But I had no problem wearing this pair of heels! Such a darling piece!

About the bag, it is absolutely love! The steal of this design is that non-detachable striped strap. I bought it back in March this year and totally love using it!

Okay, that’s it for today! I hope you like it! Do let me know, how many pleated skirts you owned and which colour!
Thank you so much you all for reading through! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! #goodmorning 😊