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Hi, good morning friends! Okay before I get into my outfits detail, I want to ask/ say, how did we get into the end of the month July, and two steps closer to the year end? Where did the time go? Oh! How quick it goes on! While getting ready this morning for the day and writing my contents, it got me thinking how quick time goes by! You might read me, saying this quite frequently, but this is so true! Don’t we all seem to feel the same?

Ummm, okay, keep it apart! Let’s talk on my outfits. Well, I can’t believe that I made my hands on some asymmetric dresses. While I don’t usually opt for them! I’m always on the look out for an elevated basics AND this asymmetric piece spices that up just right. I love that knot around the waist and the pleats, it creates upto the chest. The asymmetric angular cut on the bottom and the knot around the waist make the dress look even more dramatic together.
It doesn’t reveal the skin much, very comfortable and feminine. I love it!!! I love the round neckline and half sleeves which go perfectly in hot and sweltering summer.
It’s so perfect, the colour, the fitting, and the midi length, everything!
Do you guys like asymmetric dresses? If you don't, you should and get one today! No matter what type of design you choose, its super flattering!!!

The weather was fantastically beautiful while shooting this dress! I love a beautiful sunny weather with bit winds, that really helps us shooting good. If you are like me, you sure would like that too, and know how that helps!

Thank you so much for reading through! I hope you like it and have a happy Monday! 😊
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Oh, I finally got my hands on some pleated skirts! I saw it anywhere and everywhere, and needless to say, I fell in love! Well, I think skirts are always versatile, no matter what design you choose!
I find this particular design so gorgeous honestly! Like, see how it shines and twirls around. I love twirling around and anything that comes with this feature, melts my heart! Umm, like an ice cream melts with temperatures! Haha, it just stroked in my mind!!! 😆 I mean, its super perfect twirling skirt ever!
Its so versatile that, it goes with almost everything. Like, from a low/ high heels with a silk or satin top/blouse to create an edgy stylish look, to a tee with a pair of sneakers to make a super comfy, casual look.

I wanted one in red but couldn’t find it in red, hence ended up buying this colour palette! (I think it’s good to take maroon, it’s a dark brownish red colour after all) If you have been following me for a while now or have read a few of my previous posts, then you might know, red is my favourite colour. So, had to grab a similar shade at least! 😊
It fits just right on the middle of the waist with a fastening concealed side zip. I love that silhouette look it creates, so feminine and elegant! So just my style! It feels great against the skin, super smooth and silky-silky floaty. Oh boy, I so love it!!! 😍

I really loved shooting this pleated A-line midi skirt! The weather was beautiful and in our favour but bit windy. Since the weather was bit windy, it was so much fun and had a lovely experience. We had to wait sometimes though to let the wind go and get the weather at normalcy. Every time I tried to make twirls, the wind made it fun only and that one good shot wasn’t happening! Whatsoever, with length, we finally got the spot windproof and had quite a few shots but I liked only one as you can see on the gallery of photos. Ah yay, that was the experience shooting this skirt!

I worn it with my favourite off the shoulder fitted white crop top. I consider this top/ blouse is the best purchase of the year 2018 among all my blouses! See, how they complement each other so well. I really couldn’t find any other colour than white to pair with it.

I have completed the look with a pair of white heels AND solid white sling bag. This pair of heels is super comfy and doesn’t pain a much! I had no shoe bite wearing it so far! And it means a lot to me! Really! Because I have a tendency of having shoe bites no matter, what brand I try on. I always use to get that mark on my foot or toes!!! And I hate that happening, I hate that so much!!! But I had no problem wearing this pair of heels! Such a darling piece!

About the bag, it is absolutely love! The steal of this design is that non-detachable striped strap. I bought it back in March this year and totally love using it!

Okay, that’s it for today! I hope you like it! Do let me know, how many pleated skirts you owned and which colour!
Thank you so much you all for reading through! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! #goodmorning 😊
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Hey you all, good morning! I got a thought stuck in my mind since we have welcomed summer, to make a list of hats and caps, which can make our outfits look more summery yet stylish and sophisticated.

I think, wide brim hats and fedora hats have been so popular lately as most worn accessories, be it, by the pool side or to protect us from the harsh sun lights (it has been so necessary beside a good sunscreen!), or to style an outfit. These didn’t fail to impress us!  Wide brim hats are so timeless. And what speaks summer better than a straw hat!

Okay long enough, let’s get straight into the product details below, ah these are my favourites!

1. Okay, let’s talk on this cute baseball cap first, that comes with cute rabbit ears and an embroidery work in the front. The moment I saw it, grabbed it! I love everything about it, that wide brim and adjustable back. Yay! I couldn’t escape it. I think, its a sun cap in general. It looks so  so cute and girly!!! And if you have been following me for few times here or on Instagram, then you might have seen me wearing this cap few times already, see here, blogged previously!

2. Now comes that rainbow patch graphic baseball cap. It works same as the above one. I like this pink colour, so feminine and cute. Patches are being so popular lately in the world of fashion! I have bought a long winter coat, that has some patch work, I love that very very much! Anyone else’s falling for patch works? Do let me know, please!

3. See that plaid dad cap, it too can be worn as sun cap in general and could be very stylish and fashionable. I personally would love to match it with my outfits on Autumn though!

4. Coming on hats now, that black wide brim felt fedora hat super cool to style summer. The fabric is wool. I love that hat band and pinched crown shape. I have got one of this. And it fits perfect and doesn’t flew away on wind! Any hat that fits well goes well with your outfits, and, it could make any outfit stand out.

5. Okay, now comes the black floppy brim straw hat. The speciality of this hat is that fringe trim. There are so many wide choices on fringe trimmed hats, that super big, and so are the fringes, super attractive and fashionable. Those look so stunning!

6. That pom pom floppy straw hat looks so cute with those multicoloured pom pom. It could be worn with any outfits. During vacation, it will go cool! ( 7. ) I have attached another pom pom straw hat. The specialty of this hat is that braided rope accent with a touch of tassel ends. It looks so prettyyy!!!!

Ah that’s it for today! Thank you so much guys for reading through!!! Hope you enjoy it and have a great Monday!
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When it comes to summer dressing, all that strikes in mind, light, airy and colourful designs along with colour white! White colour plays a huge role throughout the entire summer (in other seasons too, but in summer exceptionally huge! Don’t we agree that?), we all know the reason why though! 😓
Well, truth be told.. I’m not a very big fan of white dresses or anything hued white! But when, I find such pieces, alike this white eyelet dress and this and this off the shoulder blouse, I really couldn’t escape and got to get my hands on them! I know, how versatile the colour is and how it really helps in mix and match our stuffs great than any other hues do! I won’t lie here, by pointing a bunch of lines, but, maybe because, I have tan (warm medium) skin tone, OR how it gets dirty very quick, could be the reason! Can anyone relate to me?

Whatsoever! Let’s not get in depth of why about this hue and talk on the dress itself!!! I was totally sold out when I saw this dress. I found it quite girly with that bottom cuts and frilled hems over it! Too cute for words! Doesn’t it scream a statement that sits alongside classic wardrobe staples? Okay, confession time, I thought it’s a white eyelet dress when I bought it but, it was categorised as white schiffli embroidered dress. Aren’t they same?

This being a cotton fabric, really felt soothing and comfort. When I found, it even has two pockets, I was totally sold out! I really love anything, that comes with a pocket feature. I so love it!

I’m sharing 2 looks of it, one is a complete white look and the other one is, with a touch of black.

The one that comes with a complete white look, I have paired the dress with my favourite designer bag, that has a stripped strap. And that pair of white heels are absolutely love! It never hurts me while my walk, didn’t leave any mark either! So it has to be a favourite too!

And the other one, it comes with a touch of black, again comes my favourite designer brand with a steal of metallic golden hoop. AND my most, most favourite pair of heels!! Oh I so so love this pair of black heels! I have blogged about it prior, if you would like, click here to read that up.

Okay, done for today! Thanks so much loves for stopping by!!! Hope you like it and hey smile, happy Monday!! 😊
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summer blues

Hi loves, good morning! I stopped by today to share this quick summary look with you guys. This royal cobalt blue parallel trouser is so comfy and fits great! I love that length, great to go with a pair of heels or flats or even with sneakers. When its summer, anything airy goes super cool and wearing such colours as blue, yellow, pink, green, etc, it looks so alive! Haha yay, unsure about you guys but I at least consider so! I worn it with my favourite blouse but, a short kurti or tunic could go great either way!

About that white off the shoulder blouse, you count on, I really can’t seem to get enough of that, especially when its summertime running! I am a repeat offender, if you say! But I think, when we can use a piece multiple times without losing it’s colour and quality, that’s a worth buying! So until, we use a piece at least a few times, how would I know, if will it remain the quality, & last long the brand name?

What you think? What are your thoughts? Let’s me know, yay! 😊

Attached products are same or similar. Thanks so much you all for stopping by! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and happy 4th July all of you, who lives in US!

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Whoa! What a lovely weekend and past two days have been! We had downpours for past few days, oh boy it felt amazing as if I poured my heart with happiness, my soul danced in the rain like a happy kid 😊 (oh yay, I couldn’t because I have rain allergy!!)!! huh

Ah! Anyways.. Let’s get in track..! I spoke about this off-the-shoulder white blouse already here and it’s such a darling piece. I cannot seem to stop writing about it! AND anything hued pink is absolutely love. ❤️
This cigarette pant/ trouser is super pretty, comfy and lovely to be worn in spring / summer. It comforts great and looks elegant. It needs no effort to put together for sweet cute girly look / or even a womanly look if you put a blazer and tie up your hair/ and will go cool for an office wear/ look alongside.

I bought this trousers few months back, yay! I remember, I bought two pieces together.. Coral pink and deep pink. I worn the deep already few times but this one now. I must say, both of the trousers are very nice and comfy. Both of the trousers have two pockets and belt loops. But one them has an attached belt and this one has no belt attached!! I love both of the pieces whatsoever!! With this warming weather, few types of pants like, cigarette, culottes, palazzos .. you name it girl, would go super saviour and mellowing! We have warmer temperatures here and it gets more warmer by time especially when it hits summer officially. So in that case, this type of pants/ trousers go GREAT relaxing, breathy and comfortable above everything.
So if you have such pieces get the most use of it while summer is here! 😊

So, that’s it for today!! Hope you guys like it and I thank you so much for stopping by in my blog! Have a happy Wednesday you all!!