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Best spring outfit ideas

Best spring outfit ideas

Happy Friday everyone! I’m sharing some Best spring outfit ideas for today’s post that I consider to be easy and simple to put together and look classy this upcoming spring season.omg! can’t believe I’m talking about Spring already!!!! I love spring and how it makes the city look so colourful, but I’m not ready yet to welcome spring! I want winter to stay a bit longer! However, what’s your favourite season my friends?

Alright so like I already said I’m sharing some best spring outfit ideas today, that you can put together and make the best outfit everyday by simply mixing and matching from your basic wardrobe pieces, actually that’s what I basically did, do in general and thought to share with you guys and keep a document here too!

Anyway before I start writing about each of my outfit ideas, let me tell you that these outfit ideas come in colourful category line, so if you’re fan of all season neutral, you might not like them! I hope to come with something on neutral soon. So in the meantime I hope you like everything colourful with this upcoming spring season.

Pairing skirts

1. pairing a pink coloured skirt (similar here)(choose any other colour alternatively) with a white  blouse or just basic cropped t-shirt will go very chic and classy for the day, like how I wore my pink tulip 🌷 skirt here with a ribbed blouse. I loved blouse so so much, that lace works on the wrists and the fitting is so great on me. However, I have dressed my outfit down here with this pair white sneakers, I love wearing sneakers sometimes instead of heels. It though depends on how long I have to walk and where I’m going to. Anyways, you can dress the outfit up with a hair of white heels that would increase the chicness even more and will look great!

I have wore another colourful skirt here with multi colour vertical stripes, and really adore this skirt so much!!! I found another similar skirt on Zara later on, and grabbed that too. I think that has horizontal stripes and has an attached belt, so was so sold out on that skirt and had to grab that. (Hopefully can share that on another post maybe!) alright so I wore this skirt with a white top and layered a denim jacket over it to cover the cold in morning. And for this outfit I have dressed it up with a pair of white heels that I was talking about to pair in the first outfit Insp.


Styling dress

2. Alright so for my next outfit idea, I think a dress would go as best spring outfit ideas. I wore a pink scoop bodycon dress (similar here and  here) and layered the same denim jacket over it and did slide into my same pair of sneakers that I spoke about in the skirt section. This dress is one of my old one and I wore it couple of time already. If the product quality is great and fits nicely, I become repeat offender!!!! No shame on that! I would love to know if anyone of can relate this with me??? 😋😋😋


Pinafore dress

3. Alright so for my next outfit ideas, I wore a pinafore dress here and ribbed white blouse underneath that. I loved this pinafore dress, that has some ruffles on the shoulders and waistline and the vertical stripes look so pretty!!! Since during spring we don’t get that much of cold I think pinafore dresses are best to opt for.



I want to write more, but gotta go so will see you in my next post. You may also enjoy reading this previous post here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and pound something helpful. Thank you so so much for stopping by!!!



Tulip skirt (sold out!)

White blouse : Forever 21 ( similar here & here)

Striped multi colour skirt : Shein (similar here)

Pink bodycon dress : Forever 21 (similar here and  here)

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