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pleated maroon skirt

pleated maroon skirt

Oh, I finally got my hands on some pleated skirts! I saw it anywhere and everywhere, and needless to say, I fell in love! Well, I think skirts are always versatile, no matter what design you choose!
I find this particular design so gorgeous honestly! Like, see how it shines and twirls around. I love twirling around and anything that comes with this feature, melts my heart! Umm, like an ice cream melts with temperatures! Haha, it just stroked in my mind!!! 😆 I mean, its super perfect twirling skirt ever!
Its so versatile that, it goes with almost everything. Like, from a low/ high heels with a silk or satin top/blouse to create an edgy stylish look, to a tee with a pair of sneakers to make a super comfy, casual look.

I wanted one in red but couldn’t find it in red, hence ended up buying this colour palette! (I think it’s good to take maroon, it’s a dark brownish red colour after all) If you have been following me for a while now or have read a few of my previous posts, then you might know, red is my favourite colour. So, had to grab a similar shade at least! 😊
It fits just right on the middle of the waist with a fastening concealed side zip. I love that silhouette look it creates, so feminine and elegant! So just my style! It feels great against the skin, super smooth and silky-silky floaty. Oh boy, I so love it!!! 😍

I really loved shooting this pleated A-line midi skirt! The weather was beautiful and in our favour but bit windy. Since the weather was bit windy, it was so much fun and had a lovely experience. We had to wait sometimes though to let the wind go and get the weather at normalcy. Every time I tried to make twirls, the wind made it fun only and that one good shot wasn’t happening! Whatsoever, with length, we finally got the spot windproof and had quite a few shots but I liked only one as you can see on the gallery of photos. Ah yay, that was the experience shooting this skirt!

I worn it with my favourite off the shoulder fitted white crop top. I consider this top/ blouse is the best purchase of the year 2018 among all my blouses! See, how they complement each other so well. I really couldn’t find any other colour than white to pair with it.

I have completed the look with a pair of white heels AND solid white sling bag. This pair of heels is super comfy and doesn’t pain a much! I had no shoe bite wearing it so far! And it means a lot to me! Really! Because I have a tendency of having shoe bites no matter, what brand I try on. I always use to get that mark on my foot or toes!!! And I hate that happening, I hate that so much!!! But I had no problem wearing this pair of heels! Such a darling piece!

About the bag, it is absolutely love! The steal of this design is that non-detachable striped strap. I bought it back in March this year and totally love using it!

Okay, that’s it for today! I hope you like it! Do let me know, how many pleated skirts you owned and which colour!
Thank you so much you all for reading through! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! #goodmorning 😊



Pleated skirt – Deal Jeans,
White sling bag – Forever 21,
White heels – Jove,
Earrings – Forever 21,
White off the shoulder top – Forever 21

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