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15th august outfit ideas

15th august outfit ideas

15th august outfit ideas

Hi guys wish all of my Indian readers a very happy Independence Day! Well, the moment you will be reading this, I will be out for a movie and a lunch date afterwards. Hehe 😊 Okay, let me tell ya, today’s post is bit different than what I usually talk about here! So, let’s talk about it!

For today, I created this look to celebrate 15th August! I had this idea stuck in my mind since I have got back in Kolkata(India)! I have caught up with thousands of things that I need to organise and put together in the blog, but it’s a mess right now, and so need time! To give you a bit more life update, I have been working on something exciting on my city Kolkata (Calcutta) and ethnic/Indian wears lately! So guys keep an eye out on my blog and comment below to let me know if you would like me to make this type of contents more!

Okay, said enough, let’s get back into my outfits details and also sharing some other tips on how you can create a tricolour to celebrate this day!
For my look, I took a white Kurti that has a little green embroidery work around the chest, but let’s not notice that for now, since that’s totally irrelevant for today’s look! Well, I couldn’t find any better piece than this so please ignore the embroidery! The product length felt great and the cotton fabric is nice too! Good to spend the day wearing it, comfy and relaxing!
To create the tricolour I have added a green coloured leggings and an orange hued dupatta, yes you that right, it’s hued orange not saffron! Saffron seemed hard to find one out hence orange! And it looks great and turned out to look saffron, what else could have been as great as an orange! And I finally have got my tricolour!
To finish off the look, I have added some silver jewellery and a pair of brown flats matching with my crossbody bag!

Tips to create tricolour few other ways are as follows :

• If you’re more a skirt person than Kurti, you can grab a green skirt and pair with a white blouse and saffron/orange bag to have the tricolour!

• If you would like to kept western, a green denim/ trouser/ culottes with a white blouse will cool with a saffron scarf on neck or a bandana will be a perfect put together and will look more elegant and chic.

• If you’re not that kind of girl who loves playing with tricolour on clothes, try out the colours with bangles, or on your lips (search on Google for lips ideas), on your eyes or just simply draw the tricolour on your cheek!

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So, that’s it for today! Hope you guys did find it helpful and celebrating 15th August with these colours! Thank you so much to all of you for stopping by! I hope you guys have a wonderful day! See ya on next post!



White kurtiKarigari,
Leggins – Akkritti by pantaloons,
Flats – Bata,
Brown circle bag – Accessorize

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