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plaid dress

plaid dress

Merry Christmas in adv  you all! I wore this multi coloured plaid printed double breasted dress in one of my recent quick trip (this Dec). I love how it fitted me and the length it gives! The colours are so pretty and looks alive. I feel like, while the season gets filled with red and sheds of it, a yellow and blue and white make it charming. Which is why I picked this dress. I love that rappel collar it has and it warms up good, if it’s very cold, layer a jacket or coat over it to finish the look and keep yourself warm. If not, just wear it alone, it will look so chic.
Anyway I bought it from Shein! I know not every of their products are good but it surely is! And I’m happy I bought it for my trip. It made it beautiful.


Longline tailored jacket


For my jacket, it’s from Forever 21. I so love  this longlie jacket! It’s such a versatile piece and gives so much warmth. Fitting is like oversized. Length is great. It doesn’t have any pockets but just the design! It’s a duster jacket or shall I say longline tailored jacket/duster jacket, I consider, both are same!


ZARA OTK boots


For my over-the knee boots, these are from ZARA. These are incredibly classic and versatile piece. I love those pointed toe heels and the design with golden metallic touch ups around heels joint. It’s just so subtle. I love how it fits me, and makes my leg look so flattering. I love these block heels. I always prefer block heels instead of pencil heels, honestly because, I find them less painful compared to pencil heels. And yes, I absolutely adore these!

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Okay so that’s pretty much it for today’s blog post! I really hope you guys liked it and find it helpful and thank you so very much for stopping by! Christmas time! Ha! Enjoy your time, I see ya in my next post! Bye!



Over-the-knee boots – ZARA
Plaid dress :Â Shein
Black duster jacket – Forever 21

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