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valentine’s day staple

valentine’s day staple

This dress is absolutely stunning. Ladylike for a perfect valentine’s day/night out, a twirl worthy skater dress. It’s so so pretty and darling, cute and feminine. I loved the bit puffed detail that volumes up the design and it evokes the elegance and quality. I’m dying over this dress! I was mooning over this dress since quite long before I bought it but my bad didn’t get any discount and had to bought it in full price!! I checked it again today while penning my content down and saw that the price has dropped. So that’s great news if you loved it. So in case you find it interesting as much as I did then girl just grab it. It fitted me great and the strap is adjustable. The fabric is rich and feels high quality. The length is good to go with heeled boots or just the heels to style it up and it becomes super super chic. I heartttt it so much. ❤️

I don’t know about you!! But I always end up choosing the colour RED when it’s about femininity, romantic date nights or going to a fine dine out with my love. And boy why not what does this job better than the colour RED. It’s so classic. Heart eyes! It defines love after all. Go for it.

I teamed it up with a black stole and cross body sling bag to pop the colour vibes. I loved the mix and match I played with it. I will come up with this cross body bag in detail sometimes later.

Till then stay tuned. Let me what are you up to for your valentine’s day out?!!! Thank you so much friends for reading in. Hope you have a happy valentine’s day/night out with your loved ones. Do share with me what will you do. Talk soon.



Red Skater Dress – Miss Chase,
Black Cross Body Bag – Forever 21,
Wrist watch – Titan, Heels – Bata

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