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Best dress for transitional time

Best dress for transitional time

Happy Tuesday my friends! I’m sharing ‘Best dress for transitional time’ in today’s blog post!
Sorry I couldn’t have been in touch again! Ugh 😑 I’m so down no lame excuses just got so busy that I could hardly sit and type my content! Anyway here I am, managed some time to share this MANGO dress, one of my old dress (similar here & here)that I think, is so perfect and beautiful piece and even the colour and length everything is so great to style in autumn! It looks so classy and chic for everyday go. If you’re an office goer, this dress fits that category even nicely in my opinion!

I think if  you just add a black belt on your waist and slide into a pair of black booties to match with your belt this dress will look so put together and sophisticated. If you could carry a brown or nude toned shoulder bag with the outfit would go way very flattering! Boy I can’t wait to even wear this dress the way I have just typed! If you don’t have that much of cold climate at this time of years styling this dress alone would be perfect and will look so put together! I love such effortless looks!

All right if you have been following me for awhile now you might then know I’m a tropical country girl and I don’t have that much of wintery climate! So I wore this dress alone with a pair of white sneakers! I wanted to keep it very minimal and casual so wore it alone and slipped into a pair of white sneakers. This navy and white stripes all over the dress with the touch of some ruffles around the chest area in a chevron style looks so cute and elegant! So in love with it! I just so love the lengths MANGO comes with, neither super short nor that long to call it midi length! I think that could though depend on individual heights!

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So that’s pretty much it! I hope you guys liked it and enjoyed reading through! Thank you so so much for stopping by! I talk you in my next post, bye!



Dress – MANGO

(sorry this dress being an old find you can’t get same dress! similar here & here)

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