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Must have longline jackets

Must have longline jackets

What is up my friends! Hope you all are having a good time going on!!! I can’t tell how’s going mine, it’s mixed with both good and bad! Anyway so I wanted to stop and talk about some of my ‘must have longline jackets ‘ that are great wardrobe staples for any season, except summer of course 😅😅!!!

This post was long overdue though!!! I wanted to share about these two ‘must have longline jackets’ (similar here and here ) from forever 21 which are my current favourites and are of great use in term of quality!
Many of you might not like forever 21 brand products but I really loved these two pieces and I love their products!!!



Black LLT Jacket

By the way background HBD message was coincident with my birthday! I hope I can come with my birthday (which I had on Feb 05,20220) post soon this week if possible!

I wore the black one most than the peach 🍑 jacket and really in love with how they keep me warm and the lengths are great for both jackets to cover you up around your knees. For me these two pieces are must haves while autumn, winter and spring.

Black jacket doesn’t come with hoodie but the pockets only.


Peach LLT Jacket

And the peach one comes with hoodie, which is an added bonus for me! 🧡🧡 If you know me, I love anything that comes with hoodie and pockets, love the colour and how it screams spring!!!

Love layering jackets than throwing a knot over my dress or denims! I find layering jackets look more feminine and classy. When it comes to wear minimal yet look put together, jackets are the best at that.

Hope you liked it and if you did please be sure you leave a comment below!

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Thank you so so much for stopping by!

Talk to you soon! Bye!!!!



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