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spring summer outfits : must have forever 21 dress

spring summer outfits : must have forever 21 dress

Hi everyone! I am sharing spring summer outfits ideas in today’s blog post. It features a yellow cami dress and blue denim jacket.

Lacking blog posts nowadays, I know, and the reason is no secret that Instagram account problem seems to be continuing and leaves me frustrating and demotivating!😭
Okay, anyway! I am not going to continue about Instagram issues now instead would love to talk about this gorgeous mustard yellow cami dress from forever 21.


Umm, well, not sure about you guys, but I seem to be craving for yellow a lot lately! And what made crave for yellow is, this dress! Hehe! It’s too freaking feminine and classy and the colour screams SPRING loudly! this being a cami dress, hugs the body very well and shows the carves perfectly.  it has slit at one side which makes the walk easy and look sexy without revealing much skin! this being a sleeveless is so summer perfect.  perfect for beach days or hangout with your girls!

This could be styled both ways, dress it up with black heels and pair a black sling bag or wear a pair of tan platform heels and carry a straw bag if you’re going to beach, such a saviour! Or simply dress it down with a pair of sneakers or trainers to keep the comfort zone up, like I did here. Throw a denim jacket over it, if it’s cold at your timezone, like I did! But, freak, it’s not cold here anyhow!

You may also enjoy reading this post for more classic and feminine kind dresses from forever 21 beside this spring summer outfits.

Okay that is it for today! I really hope you guys liked it! Hope you have wonderful day! Bye!




Dress – Forever 21
Denim jacket – Shein

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