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End of summer style

End of summer style

Happy Thursday my friends! As you can tell by the title today’s blog post is ‘End of summer style’! Oh I know it’s officially autumn 🍁 already whatsoever I thought to share some of my ‘end of summer style’ outfits that never made in my blog here! It’s not that cold yet at our side so if you don’t have that cold climate at this time, I’m sure you’re enjoying your summer last beats too!

All right so as my first end of summer style outfits are kind of very minimal and basic! I just threw on an off the shoulder edible blouse that has some kind of smocked chest design and long sleeves. I wore it with one of my MANGO (similar here)white jeans! And that is it. How simple and minimal is that!


Okay for this next style/look I wore a red dress with white stripes all over it and some ruffles on the sleeves. I love the ruffle work! And also threw on a denim jacket over it that has some small distressed work on it. Both dress and jacket are my old find and they’re from Shein!



All right here comes the final look, I loved this look! I love love love the dress. It’s sort of a lace pinafore dress, not sure though! But I so love it 😻 and I wore an orange polka dot cropped t-shirt underneath that! Dress (similar here) is from MANGO and t-shirt from COTTON : ON.



So that’s all. Hopefully you loved stopping by and enjoyed the reading! Thank you so much for your love and support!

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You may also enjoy reading my previous post linked here. Thank you again! Bye!



Pinafore Dress : Mango (similar here)

denim : Shein  jacket

White Jean : Mango (similar here)

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