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forever 21 black sling bag

forever 21 black sling bag

Can anyone tell me how did August got here already? It works like a reminder that the festival isn’t far!
Okay! I have received quite a few compliments on this bag on my Facebook and Instagram, so here you have this post! I mean, yay, I finally stopped by today with this black sling bag from forever 21!
Let me tell yay, the moment I eyed this bag, I so crazily fell in love in no time that I bought two almost with same features (bit different in design though, will come up with that later).
I especially fell for that golden metallic hoop! Oh how gorgeous does it look! It enables you to carry as handbag. The long black sling strap is detachable and adjustable, which makes the bag perfect for any party or event wear! Such an all in one package! Haha 😆
And the colour black makes it versatile, and for that reason I have been wearing it way too much! Yay, why not? If you buy a piece that you can’t style and restyle multiple times, it’s not a worth purchase!

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It has a magnetic button closer, no zip feature, easy to go and insert or grab your stuffs real quick. Okay, on another note, truth be told, if you become unmindful of how you keep the bag, any tiny stuffs could be lost! Haha, that’s true! I though hardly carry any tiny stuffs or something like that, so it’s not a problem on that way! 😊
For anyone who loves this metallic golden hoop design, forever 21 has launched few more new designs with this hoop function! Go, check them ‘em out, see if you find any! Just couldn’t find more better time than today to share this product review!

Thank you so much guys for stopping by! Hope you like it!! Have a happy Wednesday you all!



Black sling bag – Forever 21

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