June 14, 2018 /

summer shoes

summer shoes

Okay first of all so sorry guys!!! I couldn’t have been up on the blog on the promised day since we had rain. And guess what could have happened, internet connection was lost! And the following next day went super busy, that’s true no excuses!!
Hence today, hope you guys understand that!!! Let’s talk about the summer shoes now, shall I? 😊

Okay.. Let’s talk on this black pair of Mango heels. It was a limited collection and I was super excited about having this design bought. The heels are 2 inches in height which is super comfortable for me to have quick / long walk to run my errands in the city. It could go perfect for office use too. I posted an article on it here prior, please click here to read it in detail.
Unsure if this pair of heels is still available but if you find it, I would recommend highly! Buy one for you today, it’s no pain to walk and very breathy. I really love this Spanish designer brand and how they make the designs. (Though you may find almost the same design in Dior! But it’s way more expensive than Mango!)

About the white sun n shade’ sneakers from Lavie SS’ 18 collection is absolutely great product and goes perfect throughout the spring and summer. If you’re more concerned on comfort than style and a sneakers lover, a white pair would go perfect. It goes with everything.

For a pair of wedges, I would recommend this pair of wedges, that I am wearing in that picture below, cream hued. Since the heels are not flat neither pencil, it doesn’t pain! which means you can easily wear it all day long to run and grab a car or to run an errand. The colour is quite perfect to match with anything from the shade of brown and cream. I consider a pair of wedges is great choice since it doesn’t hurt much while keeps us looking tall. So surely a much needed add-on!

Besides them, there are few more pair of shoes that are great to go this summer and are comfortable and fashionable to style and make your feet happy. 😊

AND for all of you ladies who has asked me for my outfit details, please bear with me , I will be posting a detailed blog post on that soon!

Hope you guys like it. Feel free to comment below if you need to know anything more. Enjoy!



Black heels – Mango,
Cream wedges – Bata,
White sneakers – Lavie SS’18 collection

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