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spring/summer closet

spring/summer closet

Time is flying by super fast alike every year! I know, you guys read me saying this line most of the times, but what could I say more than this about how time goes by super fast. I feel like, we had just started the NY few days back and see now, we almost near to end the Spring of 2018 so far, almost almost near to end officially! Ohh , I seem to have started missing it already!!! Feel like I want to wear more of floral prints and pink hue. It’s the best season among all the seasons that I personally consider of course, haha! How Spring makes the city look so beautiful with flower blossoms everywhere and the cherry blossoms. Oh I so love it!!!!! But how about summer? Ah I love it too, sunny weather are kind love but honestly I ain’t a beach lover. I love summer but hate that sweltering humidity!!!!!! Can we please have summer without that sweltering humidity in Kolkata? Ahhh I know I know, we can’t!!!! But hey, we get most of the sunshine, long bright weathers 🌞
So, I thought to share a quick look into my Spring/Summer closet and how I kept them easy to grab one and go out with an ease.
I shopped everything that I loved and are still absolutely love. 😍
White hued with red floral prints all over it, has a V neck and length is way perfect for me. I loved it. So so perfect for spring/ summer, yes the colour white certainly makes it cool to style in summer so what if it has a floral print! Go for it.
Wine coloured floral print with ruffles along the bottom section with a plunging neck – was a steal and I so much heart it. I am certain will style it again another way, if any piece couldn’t be styled many ways and worn, that couldn’t be a worthwhile- that’s what I personally consider! So if you have got that designer pieces, girl go for it and style it as many times and ways as you could.
I love wearing anything hued pink specially when it’s springtime. Pink is so much feminine and sometimes pretty girly too, it though depends on the design and how you style it. See the pink self stripped bodycon dress and pink floral printed blouse with a cute back cut design. I loved both pieces equally!!
I worn the bodycon with a white blouse piece and it looked so girly, soon you guys had it on Instagram and Facebook, you sent me so many complements on the look, I so loved them. ❤️
If you notice that bold floral and leaf printed crop top, I though loved it more for summer for the leaf prints and of the shoulder design. It goes super feminine and chic with a white pencil skirt or maxi slit skirt. I styled with the first one. ☝️ hehe
The fabric felt so relaxing! And I think so did the white and black colour combination.
I’m pretty unsure if you can see and notice that maroon hued pleated skirttt. I so much wanted to try something and I am happy I finally could! The colour and pleats both are amazing. If you’re a skirt girl, when it comes on pleated skirts, you hardly can miss it. It’s so light and I so enjoyed it shooting, and it was so windy while shooting, so was the skirt, I mean, it was so playful. I love twirling and it made me happy. Hehe!
If you pinch the zoom photo, you might see an eyelet white dress. Do you? Girl, it’s so so much feminine and unless you try it yourself, you cannot know how perfectly it fits and looks gorgeous. How does it sound gorgeous in white? Basically, whenever we speak about something gorgeous, something comes in mind with great bold colours, take as red, what about you? I find it so in my case! But in this case of white eyelet dress, girl, you certainly get that gorgeous look with thousands of complements!!! The length, the design and the pockets , YASS it has two pockets on it’s both side, I didn’t though notice that while buying but while shooting, I got surprised and absolutely loved it so much!!!!! Pieces that come with pockets are an extra added bonus, you know! 😉😎 it’s undoubtedly great piece to have in the closet and style both Spring and Summer.
And finally comes that gingham printed dress. It has a cute tie up detail on the front waistband. And the off the shoulder design, goes like with added bonus. Had to be cool and stylish pieces for the summer and without a gingham print summer can’t be completed! Even strips are super cool. Have both.

I bought that Summer hat recently and worn it. If you love hats, get in black so you can style it with most of the outfits.

And finally I took a shot with my most used sneakers that are cool and stylish to style year round. And and so I am done for today.

Hope you guys like it and find it interesting. Thanks for checking in, enjoy! 😊



Pink Bodycon Dress & white lace worked Blouse
& Cross body white Bag – Forever 21,
Yellow rounded bag –Accessories,
Black booties – Forever21, Pink blouse- AND,
Gingham printed dress- Mast & Harbour,
White & Blue sneakers- Lavie,
Red white floral dress – AllAboutYou- Deepika Padukone,
Pleated Skirt – Deal Jeans

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