July 16, 2018 /

summer hats and caps

summer hats and caps

Hey you all, good morning! I got a thought stuck in my mind since we have welcomed summer, to make a list of hats and caps, which can make our outfits look more summery yet stylish and sophisticated.

I think, wide brim hats and fedora hats have been so popular lately as most worn accessories, be it, by the pool side or to protect us from the harsh sun lights (it has been so necessary beside a good sunscreen!), or to style an outfit. These didn’t fail to impress us! Wide brim hats are so timeless. And what speaks summer better than a straw hat!

Okay long enough, let’s get straight into the product details below, ah these are my favourites!

1. Okay, let’s talk on this cute baseball cap first, that comes with cute rabbit ears and an embroidery work in the front. The moment I saw it, grabbed it! I love everything about it, that wide brim and adjustable back. Yay! I couldn’t escape it. I think, its a sun cap in general. It looks so so cute and girly!!! And if you have been following me for few times here or on Instagram, then you might have seen me wearing this cap few times already, see here, blogged previously!

2. Now comes that rainbow patch graphic baseball cap. It works same as the above one. I like this pink colour, so feminine and cute. Patches are being so popular lately in the world of fashion! I have bought a long winter coat, that has some patch work, I love that very very much! Anyone else’s falling for patch works? Do let me know, please!

3. See that plaid dad cap, it too can be worn as sun cap in general and could be very stylish and fashionable. I personally would love to match it with my outfits on Autumn though!

4. Coming on hats now, that black wide brim felt fedora hat super cool to style summer. The fabric is wool. I love that hat band and pinched crown shape. I have got one of this. And it fits perfect and doesn’t flew away on wind! Any hat that fits well goes well with your outfits, and, it could make any outfit stand out.

5. Okay, now comes the black floppy brim straw hat. The speciality of this hat is that fringe trim. There are so many wide choices on fringe trimmed hats, that super big, and so are the fringes, super attractive and fashionable. Those look so stunning!

6. That pom pom floppy straw hat looks so cute with those multicoloured pom pom. It could be worn with any outfits. During vacation, it will go cool! ( 7. ) I have attached another pom pom straw hat. The specialty of this hat is that braided rope accent with a touch of tassel ends. It looks so prettyyy!!!!

Ah that’s it for today! Thank you so much guys for reading through!!! Hope you enjoy it and have a great Monday!



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