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A day in my life : shooting and beach

A day in my life : shooting and beach

Today’s blog post is going to be ‘A day in my life : shooting and beach’. I did a poll on twitter about what would you guys like to see in my blog, you guys voted ‘a day in my life among 2 other choices.
Although votes were 50-50 with hairstyle so that will come up next 🙂

Anyway, hi my friends! I finally took some time (strike through here) managed some time to make myself sit and blog here in my little corner of internet. Ugh 😑 it’s been awhile or shall I say ages like last time when I blogged it was April 02 and now today July 31 freak! Yes, anyway it happened to be like that!

I don’t know how I have been so busy I don’t know what kept me busy throughout these past months I mean like if I wanted I think I sure could have made some little time to make my corner stay updated but honestly I couldn’t! Well, that could be because so much things have happened at the beginning of this year, like to tell you I we lost our grandma and it was bit tough time to go through those past couple of days! I still can’t forget her and sometimes end up calling for her/asking mother if grandma has eaten her food and then in the second of fluctuation I remember no, she isn’t here with us!

Ahh I didn’t mean to upset you guys but just can’t stop thinking about my grandma sometimes! So when I started thinking about the past months it automatically made me think how the months have had been like! So yeah anyway, there are more like I have revamped my blog and so much more that I could share with you guys but I rather would keep that for a ‘life update ‘ kind of post and let’s talk about today’s post here now, does that sound good? I hope it does!

What we did :

So for today’s blog post ‘A day in my life : shooting and beach ’ like as you can say! It’s a weekend lifestyle.

On a Saturday morning not very sure if it was Saturday morning or Sunday who cares! So we first went for shooting a look book near Sentosa Island 🌴 and freak I don’t like going at Harbour Front side for look-book kind of shooting. Because that side makes us sweat a lot and you guys hopefully know the reason why!


Whatever, so after we finished our shooting somehow and getting a sort of shower of sweat thing lol 😂. I don’t know what I’m typing! we ended up going for a quick lunch at the KFC.  The place where I end up going in most of the times for my meal.

I got changed and went for beach to hangout. Umm we also grabbed some foods with some fresh fruits, breads and honey grilled chicken 🍗 yum! I can still taste it in my mind. The chicken tasted so good. It was cooked so nicely. it was so soft and tender to cut and eat on the beach I never brought a whole honey grilled chicken with us on the beach before. but somewhat sausages and hams to eat with breads 🍞🥖 and that made me taking a whole honey grilled chicken every time when I get to the beach ever since then! So so yum 😋


What I wore :

For my look book dress I’m wearing a Forever 21 bodycon dress (similar here) with a pair of white sneakers
For my beach outfits I’m wearing everything from Cotton : On


We had a lot of fun shooting in the beach and eating. We played beach volleyball and made some friends 😊 and it was so refreshing and I felt alive! I loved loved loved it. It isn’t like every weekend on beach goes this cool but when it does it becomes the best one. Then we did nothing just laid down on beach and got suntanned. We got back home by the evening and freshened up.

So that was pretty much it for my post ‘A day in my life : shooting and beach’! I hope you guys liked and enjoyed reading through and if you did please write a comment down below. Also please tell me if you guys liked my blog’s new look and feel.

Anyway you may also enjoy reading this previous post here along with this A day in my life : shooting and beach.

Thank you so so much for your love I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Bye



Denim shorts :

CottonOn(similar here)

Tshirt :

CottonOn (similar here & here)

Bodycon dress :

Forever 21 (similar here)

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