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Coronavirus breakout (lockdown!)

Coronavirus breakout (lockdown!)

Happy weekend everyone!!! I hope everyone’s doing well and safe! Situations getting worse day by day due to this COVID 19 (Coronavirus breakout (lockdown!))! And I unfortunately had some serious skin disease called ringworm or herpes, you can see the pictures attached. So even though it’s going lockdown, I had to go through doctor appointments, checkups and medicines. I had to stop everything, as I couldn’t been able to do anything! What a worse experience and felt so terrified! Things are improving now which is why I am being able to seat by my computer and type my contents to share with you!!!
I hope I get recover soon and get back to normalcy. Really need blessings!

Alright anyways I know some of you might not enjoy reading this point or Coronavirus breakout (lockdown!), so let’s talk about this outfits that I wore and shot before covid 19. I have shared a video on this here, so if you like, you can watch that out.

Outfit details

Love this tunic dress, it gives so much comfort. It’s a great wardrobe staple when it’s summer. Sweaty and warmer weather make us crave for winter. I don’t know about who lives in cold climate temperatures where you don’t get warmer weather like some countries in Asia. But anyways it worths the money! I love the embroidery detailing it has around the chest and how a draw string goes down from belt loops. You can try belt or other fabric belts alternatively instead the given draw string on it. The colours yellow, pink and touch of silver at the hemline. I loved this piece and really recommend tunic dress that are this much cute and looks so classy and colourful. I found some similar in Zara here and here.


So that’s pretty much for today. I hope you guys loved it and enjoyed stopping by! Let me know how is the situation going in your country during this coronavirus.

Before I go, here’s my previous post link that you may like to give a read.

Thank you!



Similar in Zara here and here.

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