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we stepped into feb

we stepped into feb

Aww! Did we already stepped into February? February has got to be my favourite month. It’s my birthday month. So exciting! Heart eyes are popping out. Haha But I am totally clueless how the first month of the year been spent and gone off. Whatever! I always am super excited to welcome the month February since it’s the month of love, month of reminder that spring is almost ready here to bloom in on us. It’s just 1 month until SPRING! Growing up SPRING and SUMMER have always been my favourites and I’m certain will so be in later days. Feb has so much to offer specially we have our birthdays in Feb. What could be more exciting than that!

Ah okay let’s keep my excitement aside and talk about this lunch date experience. I had a chance to go out for a lunch date, to taste some delicious foods and kick start the month. I was surprised that I got the chance to pre-celebrate my BIRTHDAY 🎈. It meant a lot to me, a lot! And the cake was so so damn delicious, it had my heart. The design and the taste both were a die for WOW. And so was the unicorn and butterfly 🦄🦋 🍪 cookies. I still have them with me I can hardly eat them soon. See how cute was it, cake’s colour matched my jumpsuit. Isn’t it so cute? Haha
When we dropped in the cafe everything was so pretty and beautifully decorated, foods presentation, ambiance of the cafe, the courteous staffs everything made me feel special and happy together and the day was so GREAT, couldn’t have been better! Jumping into new month and kick starting it, hardly makes everything perfect but when it’s Feb, it has to be perfect and loving. It’s my birthday month after all. It’s the month of LOVE, month of BIRTHDAY, month of fashion shows and so much more to name.

Hope you like the post and enjoy reading in. I’m so excited for the month. So much more to come and bloom in. See you friends on next post.

Note this post isn’t a fashion post instead living. I don’t have that category currently in my blog hence in fashion category! Soon I get my blog updated with menu, it will be categorised accordingly.



Red & white jumpsuit – Mee,
Crossbody bag – Accessorize,
Earrings – Forever 21,

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