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christmas celebration : how I have spent my christmas

christmas celebration : how I have spent my christmas

Hey there, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays you all! Well, here I sat by my laptop typing my content. Ahh not sure how to begin it, I feel like, December gets close before I come to know it, as if it ends sooner than other months! Does anyone feel the same, or can relate to me a few? Umm anyway! No blame on December, this entire year’s been a craziest year I have ever had! Okay, no I will talk about it later, for today’s blogpost, I wanted to make a quick stop and share with you guys christmas celebration : how I have spent my christmas.

As the tradition goes, I we went to JW Marriott Hotel to celebrate our Christmas and indulge in the wide range of delicious foods, & beautifully designed desserts ( yum .. I can still taste ‘em, so delicious! ) and wines!
Haha, okay, no lie, it’s not a tradition kind of things, we just end up going there every year, for the luxury stay, foods and hospitality! And I absolutely love that! Do you guys call it tradition? Please do let me know, ha? 😊

I couldn’t manage to take picture for each of food items but you can watch my YouTube channel for that.

You guys know, how tough it is to click, shoot a video and enjoy the moment, it is a real hardworking! Okay anyway, as I already mentioned above, foods were super delicious and the it was like, heaven of desserts! One time, couldn’t be enough!

And I tell you a secret, I have never tasted wine, I just took it, and acted for shoot!

Outfit info

Okay keep it aside and I let you know what I wore for Christmas 🎄 2018! I wore this plaid and ruffled hem dress and wore the rainbow sleeved knit blouse underneath it, to keep the Christmas colour alive! haha! How many of you agree, red defines Christmas?

Anyway, I layered my look with a long tailored jacket, I forgot to click the full look though, my bad! If you’ve checked / read my previous posts, you might know which jacket I wore! Anyway, I completed the look with my most favourite and best purchase of the year these ZARA OTK boots! These are like saviour!!!! They look so classic and keeps my leg warm. the product quality is so worth buying!

And I matched my boots with the sling bag I wore here, it can be worn both ways, handbag and sling, but the strap isn’t adjustable, you need to keep it wrapped inside the bag. And and that was my look for Christmas! Simple and sweet! Haha

You may also enjoy reading this post and know what I did past year along with this christmas celebration : how I have spent my christmas.

How have you spent your Christmas? Let’s talk and know one another more? Comment down down below and I will catch you there! Thank you so much for checking through and sharing your love! #happyholidays




Over-the-knee boots – ZARA
Sling bag – Forever 21
Plaid dress :Â Shein
Rainbow sleeved knit blouse – Forever 21

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