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new year : new book 2019

new year : new book 2019

Happy new year my friends! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and new year celebration! sharing this new year : new book 2019 post today.

My very first blog post of the year #2019! So before I dive straight into ‘new year : new book 2019 ‘post, I’ll be sharing a quick glimpse of how fare #2018 has been with me here in today’s blog post.

For me, #2018 has been one of the best year I have ever had 🥳 if I talk about my travel adventures ( 2 foreign travel adventures and 1 small trip within home country India ) and how we moved in Singapore in the same year #2018.
I got the opportunity to travel in Thailand in March to have the best spring break in my life as far as I know, and where we stopped in Pattaya and Bangkok, love both of the cities, especially Bangkok ( If I can wipe off their traffic from my mind though, LOL) If I could make my luck I sure would love to travel here again.

And visiting Santorini was an amazing experience, although this was the world’s shortest trip ever, but it was worth that too!
And the BEST part of all these, was we moved here in Singapore. Well, not sure we long we are going to make it through here, but I am so so in love with this place!!!

And in the same year, we had flew in India again, for a family wed, and when we had thought to make most of our time to being in there, and we flew in Gangtok, Sikkim for a quick stacation!


Where life has had been at its BEST in travel in #2018, sadly my social handles weren’t 😭!!!! I was having issues using my Instagram handle. I lost access to it almost by end of November. I can’t explain you how anxious I felt through those days & months! I got frustrated with everything as if Instagram anxiety was coming over everything and demotivating me in every aspect of my passion! I felt so clueless where to start it from all over again!

There was a time when I was introduced to my TRAVELHUES page, that I took to start it from fresh again and now struggling through from scratch to build my audience on Instagram! This still feels so horrible to me, and I can’t believe it!!!!!

I finally started posting on my YouTube channel same year  that I wanted to do from so long back!

For my blog TRAVELHUES, it was a pretty good year, it converted into a good community from just an online diary! Well, I can write a thousand words here to share, how has had been the blogging journey through like, but to keep it short & sweet, I met few brands, who wanted to deal with me, where I got the chance to post sponsored articles. But I didn’t! I didn’t because I wanted to grow first before I take the steps, and wanted to learn first where I needed to. I didn’t want to rush myself, instead wanted to keep it simple, and real! And so it is today.


Well, I though still can’t believe it’s 2019 already! But it’s always exciting to start over a new year, a whole new book!
So I thought to share a few of new year goals that I would love to achieve!

Work on my Facebook page and hit at least 5k
Travel to United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Indonesia, and more or less, haven’t thought deeply though!
I’m focusing more on my YouTube channel. And more long hair talks, real talks.
Drink more water and keep myself hydrated!!! Oh I am so bad at it!
Revamp my blog look and feel. And update my about page.

I think there are pretty more things, but I’m keeping it short and sweet! You can also enjoy reading this post here along along with this new year : new book 2019.

Okay so that’s pretty much it for today! I really hope you guys liked it and thank you so very much for stopping by! Tell me what was the best thing you did in 2018. Thank you again! Bye!



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