June 08, 2018 /

my youtube channel #1 vlog

my youtube channel #1 vlog

Okay.. So my YouTube channel has been created. I am so excited and happy announcing my YouTube channel with you all friends. There are quite lots of exciting changes happening lately in TravelHues and I absolutely am loving them all!! I was wanting to make YouTube Vlogs since a long back, since I have been trekking that being said! Yay and if you guys are from my Facebook family, you might know how long I have been trekking and wanting this from and yay it took me this pretty long years!!!! I am really happy to finally be sharing my travel adventures and personal style, fashion tips or anything that I would love on YouTube. Owe I cannot believe I finally broke into my camera shyness!!! Hehe 😊

This video has been filmed on one of my recent visit to Thailand (but Bangkok city only for this time), hope you guys loved it. Please Subscribe and thumbs it up for me!! ❤️ The video is linked below.

Thanks so much you all for checking through!! Much love!!!!



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