December 31, 2017 /

highlights of the year

highlights of the year

I simply can’t believe we’re heading into a new year tomorrow! I feel like, as if we started it all yesterday and see, how another year has come up!

This year has had been absolutely loving and remarkable for me. Right from creating my blog and publishing the contents on this cyber/ internet world, to be up with what I want to do, to travel a few, to mention, getting the opportunity to go in Singapore and few staycations, the most traveled year, to shifting my blog domain name from one to another. What not to mention!

Okay, since it’s holiday, I will keep my content short and sweet and will come up sometime soon with how I started my blogging, etc.

And to all of you, who has always been there to support me, showing some love, appreciating my passion and all, I really thank you so much for always showing support and love! Thanks all of you out there, who loves reading my contents in my blog, and visits it!

And you all, happy new year guys!!!! Let’s pop up the poppers and celebrate the new year together!!! 🎉



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