Pretty In Pink And White

pretty in pink and white , bangkok-thailand-travel-17 , travelhues by babita sen
Whoa! What a lovely weekend and past two days have been! We had downpours for past few days, oh boy it felt amazing as if I poured my heart with happiness, my soul danced in the rain like a happy kid 😊 (oh yay, I couldn’t because I have rain allergy!!)!! huh

Ah! Anyways.. Let’s get in track..! I spoke about this off-the-shoulder white blouse already here and it’s such a darling piece. I cannot seem to stop writing about it! AND anything hued pink is absolutely love. ❤️
This cigarette pant/ trouser is super pretty, comfy and lovely to be worn in spring / summer. It comforts great and looks elegant. It needs no effort to put together for sweet cute girly look / or even a womanly look if you put a blazer and tie up your hair/ and will go cool for an office wear/ look alongside.

I bought this trousers few months back, yay! I remember, I bought two pieces together.. Coral pink and deep pink. I worn the deep already few times but this one now. I must say, both of the trousers are very nice and comfy. Both of the trousers have two pockets and belt loops. But one them has an attached belt and this one has no belt attached!! I love both of the pieces whatsoever!! With this warming weather, few types of pants like, cigarette, culottes, palazzos .. you name it girl, would go super saviour and mellowing! We have warmer temperatures here and it gets more warmer by time especially when it hits summer officially. So in that case, this type of pants/ trousers go GREAT relaxing, breathy and comfortable above everything.
So if you have such pieces get the most use of it while summer is here! 😊

So, that’s it for today!! Hope you guys like it and I thank you so much for stopping by in my blog! Have a happy Wednesday you all!!


pretty in pink and white , pretty-in-pink , travelhues by babita sen
pretty in pink and white , pretty-in-pink-5 , travelhues by babita sen
pretty in pink and white , pretty-in-pink-2 , travelhues by babita sen
pretty in pink and white , pretty-in-pink-3 , travelhues by babita sen
pretty in pink and white , pretty-in-pink-6 , travelhues by babita sen
pretty in pink and white , pretty-in-pink-4 , travelhues by babita sen
pretty in pink and white , pretty-in-pink-1 , travelhues by babita sen
White top - Forever 21,
Pink trouser/ pant - Akkriti, (Pantaloons)
White sneakers - Lavie,
Bag - Caprese

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  • chez-rama
    July 1, 2018 01:55 am
    I love your outfit and these two colors go perfectly with your skin tone :) You inspire me to invest in these adorable pants. Let's connect on instagram at @chez.rama
    • Babita Sen  
      July 1, 2018 12:10 pm
      O that's great! Glad you liked it! Thank you so much Rama! <3
    • the traveler
      June 30, 2018 02:03 pm
      Cute look.
      • Babita Sen  
        July 1, 2018 12:09 pm
        Hehe..  that's so sweet of you! Thanks so much love! <3
      • missy may
        June 29, 2018 09:22 pm
        Laid-back casual chic outfit girll. You're such a beauty! :-)
        • Babita Sen  
          July 1, 2018 12:08 pm
          Thank you for your kind words my dear! Thanks so much!! <3
        • jenifer
          June 29, 2018 08:15 pm
          Love your pink cigarette pants!! xo Jenifer
          • Babita Sen  
            July 1, 2018 12:07 pm
            Thank you Jenifer! <3
          • mariann yip
            June 29, 2018 01:03 am
            Love the pink and white such a gorgeous outfit for the summer!
            • Babita Sen  
              June 29, 2018 03:06 pm
              Mariann, I agree and so do I!! this colour palette is absolutely loving! Thanks so much girl!! <3
            • simone, little glittery box (littleglitterybox)
              June 28, 2018 11:52 pm
              Love this look! Gorgeous pink pants. Simone
              • Babita Sen  
                June 29, 2018 03:03 pm
                Yay this trousers are great and the pink is so loving!! Thank you so much Simone! <3
              • kathrine eldridge
                June 28, 2018 10:58 pm
                Love the color of these trousers! Amazing casual chic look.
                • Babita Sen  
                  June 29, 2018 03:00 pm
                  Yay! aren't they look so chic?! <3 I'm so happy you liked it! Thanks so much Kathrine!! <3
                • olga federico
                  June 28, 2018 09:52 pm
                  Such a lovely outfit!Love those pants:-)
                  • Babita Sen  
                    June 29, 2018 02:59 pm
                    That's great to hear from you! Thanks so much Olga! <3
                  • ashley white
                    June 28, 2018 08:56 pm
                    Such a cute look- I love the off-the-shoulder feature of that adorable top! -Ashley
                    • Babita Sen  
                      June 29, 2018 02:47 pm
                      Aww that's so sweet of you Ashley!! Thank you so much girl!! 😊
                    • rach
                      June 27, 2018 05:33 pm
                      It's been raining here too! Those pants look so comfortable and love a good OTS top!
                      • Babita Sen  
                        June 28, 2018 04:03 pm
                        Aww that's great to hear : )! Yay, OTS blouses are kinda love and I'm so happy that you liked it! Thanks so much Rach!! <3