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Hike/ trek to Anjani Mahadev Mandir Manali February 2023

Hike/ trek to Anjani Mahadev Mandir Manali February 2023

Hey hello hello what is up everyone! It’s been a long umm no, actually it’s been ages since my last blog post here.

I really do apologize for being so irregular on my blog! I find it really hard to maintain everything together i.e. YouTube, Facebook, and then shoot for my blog and edit and post.

to be honest , there is more work than what I just mentioned in here, like making sure my post is optimized and SEO friendly, etc. so these steps are time consuming and I cannot manage that much time hence why I go MIA here on my blog.

Hike/ trek to Anjani Mahadev Mandir Manali

Whatsoever we have recently had a hike in Anjani Mahadev Mandir Manali which I really wanted to share with you all.

This was around 1.7/ 2.4 kilometres ( targeted ski resorts) hike not long distances.
It was very tiring and exhausting!

If you wish to hike in the winter keep in mind that the trial becomes undiscoverable and slippy through the entire way to submit. So I would suggest you to plan in spring, summer or autumn unless you want to enjoy the heavy snow covered mountain views.

underrated hike

The trail was easy and smooth to follow along the way, you will find many mules either ways ascending up and descending down so you will be secured and won’t be lost in the mountain!

The hike was really very easy and worth trying and of course you need not hire any trekking agency or pay anybody just follow the trail, that is it.

For more information you can watch my YouTube VLOG here, you will see the trail and surrounding to get an idea if you’re planning to try this hike!



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