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hampta pass trek

hampta pass trek

I have had Hapmta Pass trek done 10 months back in September’16! Ah yay! It took me this long to put my contents up on the internet and share with all of you, who loves and supports me, or even sends a message for some tips and info! I can’t tell you, how I feel so loved for that! 😊 I have had been trekking since past few years(as you guys know, if you’re from my facebook fam) but I couldn’t post any article before until now, as I didn’t have my blog ready! However, at this moment, while typing my content, I’m feeling pretty hesitant, ahh.. maybe nervous, don’t know where to start it from first!!!

Although, happy and excited now to finally be having my own blog up and running! I wanted it since a long time back but hardly could manage to put everything up until TODAY!!!

Okay, talking about the trek, I reached in Manali 2 days prior our trek (with my man) to have a short trip to Manali, which turned to be an excellent experience (will share this experience later)!

Region :- Himachal (India)
Duration :- 5 Days
Grade :- Easy To Moderate
Max Altitude :- 14,100 ft.
Approx. Trekking Km :- 26 kms.

So, after we had our 2 days completed in Manali (India), we finally had our trek started to see what comes along the way to Hapmta Pass!

It was a Sunday morning, when we met with other fellow trekkers who had accompanied us from different states of India. We had the team of 11 souls altogether (excluding agency’s team) and had our journey started from Manali to Chika via Jobra by car. It took us almost an hour and forty hairpin bends to arrive at Jobra, where we started our initial hiking from, through the pine, maple, deodar, toss and oak trees. It seemed to be an ease and fun at the beginning like always, but painful at the end! After a couple of minutes walk, we had lush green meadows alongside rani nallah, which we had had to cross as our tents were pinched to the opposite bank of the river. We by then reached our first camp site Chika following by the terrain. The camp site was a patch of green, we have had set the tents up by ourselves every day upon reaching our campsite! It was exhausting though, but we had no alternative than doing that!!! We took some rest once we have had the setups done and had some delicious foods prepared by the team of agency.

Next morning, we all had woke up early and ate our breakfast which was delicious! Oh I thanked our cooking team so many times throughout, for everyday’s tasty foods! We layered ourselves up afterwards, not much, but with some minimals as the day seemed to be sunny! After we had our ascent started and past couple of minutes, the trail had became steep with slope of boulders and rough terrains but one hardly could find any difficulties in that!

After a long walk we had found a water stream, where we poured our water bottles from and that we needed to crossover. It felt to be an easygoing/ crossover BUT when our feet touched the water, gosh! It was quite painful!!

A fun fact to share here, a few of our fellow trekkers had dared to take bath in that chilled water stream, haha! I still can’t believe how could had they managed to do that!!! That was the real stamina and strength, I guess! 😝
Ahh okay, after they had finished, we had made our moves through green meadows towards our next campsite Balu-ka-Gera’ which is a flat ground amidst the mountains. It’s at an elevation of 11, 900 ft from sea level!

The morning on day 3rd was quite important and the most awaited day since it was the day to summit of 14,100 ft. We had the trail through Balu-Ka-Gera to Shea-Goru’ by crossing over Hapmta Pass. I remember, the day was such a strenuous, tiring and painful for me!! At the starting everything was an easygoing until we had the accent through steep rocky terrain, I felt sick at some length and grasped for normalcy but it wasn’t any better than the feeling of more sickness and at the more length, few hours of climb I had spewed up few times!!! AND I had to keep moving through the steepest rocky terrain with that health!!!! Yes, you read that right, because while trekking one cannot stop anywhere until reached campsite! The weather was cold & sunny, so it was a plus to keep me moving! I slowed down at some times, when I heard our trek leader, Amit, cheering/motivating me from a distance! And I must say, few of our fellow trekkers were always with us, slowed down and accompanied us!! And that was really really motivating!!!

I remember some of the fellow trekkers were good fast at some point, some of were busy with the promise of not to come on any trek further again, hehe!! It made me laugh now but it was really tough, or shall I say, the toughest day undoubtedly!!! Since I and few other souls had slowed down and reached the Pass late, we didn’t got much time to rest down except having our packed meal eaten up there. Needless to say, I couldn’t eat anything due to my poor health!!

I coincidentally had found another group of trekkers reached the Pass, AND the trek leader from that group had given me a few pieces of garlic, seeing me spewing!!! And told me to chew ‘em slowly, I will feel good that way, and man, It actually worked!!! I couldn’t thank the man by that time as the team past the us(the pass) meanwhile! I felt normalcy in 20 minutes or less and didn’t spewed up more! Oh how magical does that sound?

Okay that was the good thing happened but the toughest wasn’t over yet and was awaiting for us!!! When the time came to cross an extremely chilled river, which I seemed couldn’t have had even touched by my hands or foot, had had to cross that barefoot and the river water flow was above knee, and man it was so much painful that I have had my tears rolled down from my eyes!!! Oh yes, everyone had that pain more or less and have had to digest that! After we all crossed the river, soaked our legs up with warm cloth and wrapped them up and kept them wrapped for a while to warm the foots up right for the rest of walk! In few minutes we again started moving ahead, by then we had green meadows and again an easygoing through and finally reached our campsite.

On reaching our campsite, I got headache so took some rest for an hour or so, by the evening we had played some games, I don’t remember the names!!! It was really fun filled, entertaining and I forgot the pain I had throughout the terrain!

By the evening most of us decided to skip Chandratal and get back to our hotels straight but few were interested in going to Chandratal! But as the majority led/ went to skip Chandratal, we all(who wanted) could skip that!

Next morning was a happy morning for all of us (or might be for most of us)! We had started our walk towards Chatru, it’s a magnificent place. The view throughout was an absolute stunning and mesmerising and of course easygoing!!!
Some of us, danced at some length of walk, the dance of summit, the dance of – we did it! The dance of togetherness, bonding of those who met each other after quite long time and have had been together for these days! It was so much fun and entertaining! The team was so much supportive, motivating and fun! I don’t know what to write more! A great team is a must need when you opt for a trek/hike, and our team was indeed a great team!

I thank to all, of our entire team, especially to our fellow trekkers and the cook! You guys have had been truly amazing!!!

Okay! Here you have it guys. Hope you enjoy reading, if I have missed anything, or you need any further details, feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section! And please pardon me for not having much of the pictures! Hope you have a nice day!



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