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I can’t believe my little space of internet ‘TravelHues’ turned 1 today! 🎈🍰 How quick it has grown up to be 1 and experienced an entire year throughout, somewhat less or more. Officially ‘TravelHues’ turned 1 today but unofficially the journey and/or struggle/, organising things together, making my blog ready and rest of everything else took more than that to make it happen and look forward to what I love and want to do.
Where blogging mainly was focused on trekking and travel at the beginning, I found a bit of interest on foods alongside and wrote quite few about foods and restaurants! The journey was started at an another domain though! But I soon realised that food isn’t what I love and can live in, whereas travel and trek are an absolute love and it’s where, I can safely say that I can live in and within it. ❤️ And that being told! While I lacked interest in writing on foods and so my blog lacked contents / blog posts, I found, my personal style was cooking in my mind to give it a shape. It was when I took no time and bought another domain travelhues.com and shifted a few of the contents. I felt like I found that spark, where I can put together my passion and love, my soul danced like a happy kid! Aww I can remember that happy moment! I started blogging/ writing with love about what I love and find interesting.

Ever since then so much thing has happened also in this 1 year. TravelHues got revamped with a new look and feel. All this could have been possible for my development team, who worked every back and forth and understood me, and gave it a life! Cheers 🥂 to them!
I have published my YouTube channel and uploaded my first video/ vlog in between.

I have learned so many things in this past year and experienced quite lots of alongside!! And still learning, trying to put the best efforts throughout! It’s way more expensive, hardworking and so engaging like from shoots to edits, emails to meetings, etc. And if you’re living in two different counties, like few months here and there, it’s unpredictably expensive, hardworking, messy at some time and so much more that I can hardly put into words!

I’ve now learned how great hard work and time consuming it could be along with Insta. It needs so much time and efforts, like how we need to keep our social channels updated and engaging with pictures, contents beside showing your fellow followers support AND blogging on our little space at the same time.
It makes my day when my posts get a good hits on Instagram whereas when it doesn’t, it really so disappoint me!!! I also got a concern on this, like the number of followers on social media channels doesn’t mean much if they don’t come to my blog or love to join me from one to other social channels! Like, when I ask them to join/ subscribe me on my YouTube channel, I got no responses! I expected at least a few, but it failed to keep my expectations up! And that was really hurtful!!! (I have so much to say about Instagram that I have been reviewing lately! Will come up with that later in few days.)

And lately I have been learning on, how this little space of internet could turn into a blogging community. I feel so loved being surrounded by, so many beautiful, strong and supportive souls in both real life and virtually. I really find it so loving and interesting how we check and show some love to one another and put smiles and cheer every possible way! It’s truly remarkable how we even put a smile on everyone else’s face out there at the same time, and help to find out what could be the best for oneself to be dressed in, or, where to travel, stay, eat, etc. I feel like, as if it gets a life through the community (commenting, sharing thoughts and views, etc!), without a community it would have felt lonesome! While reading through one another’s blog posts, we relate ourselves somewhat less or more and find it relaxing at some point knowing that, there are many souls who experience the same/ or similar!

Ahh okay.. I think I got into a long lengthy detail! Let’s talk on my outfits details. If you’re following me on my Instagram and Facebook then you might already know that the complete look is from one of my favourite designer brand forever 21. This  white pencil skirt and the black blouse with big floral prints are absolutely love and fabric felt amazing. One can certainly enjoy this set in this sweltering summer days. White colour is so versatile that it goes almost with everything and cool to style year round.
That floral printed blouse has an off the shoulder cut. I love that!
And that crosssbody bag is so much love!! I cannot get enough of it, oh I’m using it so much! That’s been possible for that versatile colour. 😊 I will manage to make a separate blog post with this bag soon, since I have been receiving few messages and comments on it. I feel so loved for that! Guys keep an eye for that. ✨

Hope you people like it! I can’t thank you enough for checking in here in my blog, supporting me and sending me a comment, messages or an email through. You guys don’t know, how much I feel loved for that!!! Thank you so so much, you guys are amazing!!  I truly appreciate your comments, visits and any requests, suggestions you guys make. Thank you so much! So much love for you all!!! 😊
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Okay.. So my YouTube channel has been created. I am so excited and happy announcing my YouTube channel with you all friends. There are quite lots of exciting changes happening lately in TravelHues and I absolutely am loving them all!! I was wanting to make YouTube Vlogs since a long back, since I have been trekking that being said! Yay and if you guys are from my Facebook family, you might know how long I have been trekking and wanting this from and yay it took me this pretty long years!!!! I am really happy to finally be sharing my travel adventures and personal style, fashion tips or anything that I would love on YouTube. Owe I cannot believe I finally broke into my camera shyness!!! Hehe 😊

This video has been filmed on one of my recent visit to Thailand (but Bangkok city only for this time), hope you guys loved it. Please Subscribe and thumbs it up for me!! ❤️  The video is linked below.

Thanks so much you all for checking through!! Much love!!!!
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highlights of t...

I simply can’t believe we’re heading into a new year tomorrow! I feel like, as if we started it all yesterday and see, how another year has come up!

This year has had been absolutely loving and remarkable for me. Right from creating my blog and publishing the contents on this cyber/ internet world, to be up with what I want to do, to travel a few, to mention, getting the opportunity to go in Singapore and few staycations, the most traveled year, to shifting my blog domain name from one to another. What not to mention!

Okay, since it’s holiday, I will keep my content short and sweet and will come up sometime soon with how I started my blogging, etc.

And to all of you, who has always been there to support me, showing some love, appreciating my passion and all, I really thank you so much for always showing support and love! Thanks all of you out there, who loves reading my contents in my blog, and visits it!

And you all, happy new year guys!!!! Let’s pop up the poppers and celebrate the new year together!!! 🎉