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lazy weekend

I woke up this Monday morning with the thought that it’s still Sunday but soon I freshened up reality happened! I think we all sometimes don’t like it to be Monday so soon after the weekend, be you a student or an office worker. Anyone else thinks the same? Sometimes my weekend ends up within my house, reading books, having time spent with family and playing with cousins. So I thought it would be fun to share how I spend my lazy weekends. Reading is the best habit to unwind and relax to make oneself stress free!

One more fun fact about this weekend happened was that we had a power cut for couple of hours on Sunday!! I hope you can imagine how warmer it could have felt, sweats and humidity along with the heat! It made me feel as if we’re already in June- July and summer has officially begun!!!! It was my book what I relieved reading through and enjoyed that time. But the best place when I finish my books real quick are airports / and flights or while on a train that being said! But while being at home, I read it quite slowly in between this and that!
How do you read your books? Anyone book lover there?
I love reading novels specially fictional ones. Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) and Jason Bourne ( Robert Ludlum, Eric Van Lustbader) are my favourites read so far! Apart from that I remember, I finished ‘ The girl on the Train’ in 2 days! I mean the book was so damn interesting I couldn’t put it down from my hands! I so loved and enjoyed reading that.
What are your favourite reads? Novels or short stories? love story, fictional or science fiction?

Let’s finish off May with it and see what June has to offer! 🤫 😉
I hope you guys had a lovely weekend (watching t20 final match ) and thanks so much for stopping by!! Hope you have a great Monday! 🤓
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we stepped into...

Aww! Did we already stepped into February? February has got to be my favourite month. It’s my birthday month. So exciting! Heart eyes are popping out. Haha But I am totally clueless how the first month of the year been spent and gone off. Whatever! I always am super excited to welcome the month February since it’s the month of love, month of reminder that spring is almost ready here to bloom in on us. It’s just 1 month until SPRING! Growing up SPRING and SUMMER have always been my favourites and I’m certain will so be in later days. Feb has so much to offer specially we have our birthdays in Feb. What could be more exciting than that!

Ah okay let’s keep my excitement aside and talk about this lunch date experience. I had a chance to go out for a lunch date, to taste some delicious foods and kick start the month. I was surprised that I got the chance to pre-celebrate my BIRTHDAY 🎈. It meant a lot to me, a lot! And the cake was so so damn delicious, it had my heart. The design and the taste both were a die for WOW. And so was the unicorn and butterfly 🦄🦋 🍪 cookies. I still have them with me I can hardly eat them soon. See how cute was it, cake’s colour matched my jumpsuit. Isn’t it so cute? Haha
When we dropped in the cafe everything was so pretty and beautifully decorated, foods presentation, ambiance of the cafe, the courteous staffs everything made me feel special and happy together and the day was so GREAT, couldn’t have been better! Jumping into new month and kick starting it, hardly makes everything perfect but when it’s Feb, it has to be perfect and loving. It’s my birthday month after all. It’s the month of LOVE, month of BIRTHDAY, month of fashion shows and so much more to name.

Hope you like the post and enjoy reading in. I’m so excited for the month. So much more to come and bloom in. See you friends on next post.

Note this post isn’t a fashion post instead living. I don’t have that category currently in my blog hence in fashion category! Soon I get my blog updated with menu, it will be categorised accordingly.
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basant panchami...

Although we don’t widely celebrate Basant Panchami (also spelled as Vasant Panchami) all over India but we celebrate it somewhat great in Kolkata. We worship ’Goddess Saraswati’ to celebrate the spring festival. We wear sarees and the colour yellow goes the most among all the colours in this festival. Being an Indian who doesn’t like to dress up in a saree to flaunt the ethnic style at it’s best?! When it comes on celebration this girl is a happy kid and foppish and chic. 😊
So did we! We went out had, our lunch at one of the best Bengali cousins restaurant and my boy, the dishes were so delicious and hand licking! From starter to main course to desserts everything was delicious and the dessert was too good! I couldn’t resist but tried thrice!!! This foodie girl has a pretty good sweet tooth! Haha

After having such heavy meals and over eating we could hardly walk and stroll so had to go for tiny shopping hehe and completed our day at a cute cafe and the day was great, fun filled, couldn’t have been better! Loved the day!
How about you peeps, what were you upto? Do you like the pictures and outfits details? Let me know in the comments section below please!!!

Note, this post isn’t a fashion post instead living. I don’t have that category currently in my blog hence in fashion category! Soon I get my blog updated with menu, it will be categorised accordingly.

Thank you so much for stopping in and reading through! Hope you enjoy it and have a great day!!