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Happy Friday my friends! Ah almost into the weekend!

Okay, let’s get back into track, this post was long time coming but I was so caught up with so many things in mind that I hardly could sit for this due part of Bangkok travel until today! 🤷‍♀️😁

I wanted to explore the city in a less length (didn’t want to travel far to explore the city) as we knew that Bangkok has horrible traffics and signals! Truth be told, we wanted to go to Maeklong railway station to witness that beautiful touristy umbrella market but have no idea what happened to their traffic that it took almost 1½ hours in the signal, YES, you read that right, that’s real fact that we faced and decided not to go there and get back to our room.
On returning back and the followed next two days we did nothing again, just had fun, ended up eating a looot, and shot a few!
Next morning, the weather was quite soothing and loving, no harsh sunlight, a pleasant beautiful day, so we decided to roam somewhere to explore the city. We went to Terminal 21. It’s a pretty beautiful place(mall) to give it a visit, a themed mall, each floor comes with different shopping streets styles, such as London, San Francisco etc! I bought a handbag from there!
The same day, we went another popular cafe called, Unicorn 🦄 Café’ I loved being in that cafe, it’s so pretty and the foods we had tested so delicious, yum! 😋 I loved the decorations and cute toys and their foods, I loved everything about the Café! Having those unicorn toys, I went back in my childhood! 🙈

At night, I came to know, about the fashion week running there in Bangkok, next day I went there and I felt so happy that I was there during BIFW and loved seeing other bloggers! It was great experience knowing how it feels & works like! After we done at there, we walked to Hello Kitty Café for a quick food break. But I really didn’t like the foods, it tested bad!!! None of the items were good!!! The smoothies were poor in test too!
Next day, we remained in hotel almost half day, since it rained out there. But let me tell you, I neither being bored! How, because who doesn’t love to see rain trickle through the giant glass, that comes with city view in the room, while sipping over a cup of hot tea and munching snacks. Ahh, how beautiful moment with beautiful view was that. And when rain stopped, the wet city looked extra beautiful and I so loved that!! Loved those wet bloomed flowers, aww hold me at this moment, I seem to be going back there in my mind! Hehe 🙈

And these were somewhat more or less what I did in Bangkok, Thailand. It was certainly an amazing experience I have had this year till now, If I have another chance to go back there, I wouldn’t miss it! There are so much more to explore and experience! I’m just counting on when I can revisit it again! Haha 😆

Tip : If you plan in summer, it’s very warm there so make sure you get cab instead of tuk -tuk! And for less distance coverage, step out late afternoons, you will still get the sunlight but less heat!

Few more travel posts coming up in the blog soon I finish ‘em! Keep an eye out here! Okay, like I always thank you all for stopping by here. Thanks a ton for all your love my friends! Hope you have a great Friday! See ya on next post!
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Hey loves! I know few of you has sent me couple of messages for my Bangkok experience few days back. And I felt so loved for that. ❤️ But however it took me awhile to put together the contents with details. Okay, let’s get on track straight, since my stay wasn’t an usual holiday, I will here be sharing a short detail as part 1 and the part 2 will hopefully be coming up in next few days!

Honestly I can’t begin to write how exciting and fun our Thailand experience was. It’s hard how we often find such days when we fall in love with being alive and never want to get back (unsure about you! But I every time seem to feel that!) YET we got to!!!

Okay! Let’s get into the detail now. It was approximately 2½ hours drive from Pattaya to Bangkok city. We experienced the best in Bangkok than Pattaya! I loved it!! I so so loved it!!! It felt so homely. I loved everything about it, from full table breakfast to taking deep into the pool to lunch and light dinner. It sounds crazy and fun how we spend few weeks traveling abroad, doing absolutely nothing, only fun and fun and fun. 💃  The days become so remarkable throughout. Probably hence we absolutely love and try to explain you how it felt and was the experience like.

The room as you can see the photos, was excellent, couldn’t be better! It was so comfy and cozy. That couch near the giant glass window with city view and the view from the room was absolutely amazing. So was the service, quite attentive and courteous!

See the table full of foods, how beautiful it was, certainly we had wide choices. I ate until I couldn’t breathe! Each items were super delicious and the pancakes and waffles were so mouth watering.. I still can taste them, YUM!

Taking a deep into this cute pool and sipping over a glass of mock-tail wasn’t in list but couldn’t escape either! See that pool with city view at the distance and that tropical garden near the pool, aren’t they look super cool and refreshing!! I absolutely loved it, I loved my every single moments being there.

We discovered this pretty cute space while our stay, where you can enjoy the city view with this beautiful flower blossoms, that remained in every few steps. The night view was amazing too but I forgot to capture the moment. Honestly, I couldn’t understand how time flew by!

Thanks so much for reading in here, hope you like it! See you on next post. Enjoy!

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Happy Wednesday morning everyone!! As you guys know, I have recently got back from my Thailand 🇹🇭 trip and so here I’m sharing my Pattaya travel experience today.
I though still stillllll can’t believe that we undertook another foreign trip in just 5 months of our first ever foreign experience in Singapore. I tell you the truth .. I so crazily loved living up in Singapore. YAY it feels crazy, haha. What could have been more worthy than escaping for a SPRING BREAK! I totally loved it, everything has been so perfect, certainly couldn’t have been better. Heart eyes are popping out. Haha, hey, btw did you read my Singapore travel story yet? Well if not, you can click here to read that up now.

We had the plan to visit Pattaya first in Thailand, so headed there straight after our land & had almost 24 hours to enjoy everything we could from beach to mall to theme park to Pattaya city life, and it was amazingly beautiful experience. I am so happy that we had the chance to visit such an amazing country!
The moment, we checked in our hotels, we got freshen up and changed to have a night view of the city, and man, it was absolutely stunning. I forgot to bring the camera so couldn’t grab night views, don’t kill me please!
After we had our breakfast, headed straight to the nearby beach which is just behind Pattaya Central festival Mall. Both the beach and mall were few foot steps away from our hotel which actually made it possible to cover everything up in this short timeframe.
There are wide choices for beach activities such as, Parasailing, Skydiving, Island Cruise, Scuba Diving etc. But among all these activities I found the beach quite improper in length to sit back and lay down to enjoy it. Whatsoever, the views were absolutely stunning and I loved every moment out there in the beach. Although I ain’t a beach lover!

Tip : If you’re a beach person more than city explorer, visit Phuket/ PhiPhi Island to have some breathtaking beach life experiences.

Thanks so much for checking & reading in! I will share my travel experience in Bangkok, Thailand soon I done with my content and photographs. I am working on something exciting at the same time. So bear with me if I late on that! 😊
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It is just unbelievable how time goes by super faster!!! It has been awhile though… I yet seem to be craving for something more! Whew 😅
And yay I finally took some time to pen down on some tourist posts that could be helpful and informative for you if you’re planning to give it a visit anytime soon!

Since I wanted to cover up as many tourist spots as I could while being there, I went straight to the Merlion Park’ for sight seeing by the afternoon. And I made my cards ready and handed for MRT, SMRT, LRT for a quick and easy goings at the same time. Let me tell you that, it’s the best picture taking spot and the spot remains crowed throughout all the time!!!  One hardly gets a luck to stand and take a picture alone with the view. The night view is the die for. It’s so mesmerising, the colourful lightings, city life and the colourful short tour in boats are just die for and unbelievably beautiful. I felt the moment like ‘can someone please pinch me?’ So breathe taking!!! We remained to be sitting up there until we realised it got 9PM of night already!

For the next day morning, I didn’t rush the things up much, I first had the breakfast done and enjoyed the morning in the city. ☀️
The following day I went to visit ‘Gardens by the Bay’ which was quite interesting and good to be lost in the green. Although the sun was harsh throughout the entire day and left me tanned!! 🤷‍♀️

Tip : For a day out to Gardens by the Bay bag some good sunscreens, hats and sunglasses.

The views at some points were so beautiful, had so much fun up there, this is the place where you can have both of the views of Singapore Flyer and Super Tree Grove on your back and forth to get some great shots.

Tip : If you have short trip plan skip the walk through Gardens by the Bay but the best of Gardens by the Bay are Flower Dome, Clouds Forest and the Sky Walk - Which are the must-sees and shouldn’t be skipped. I think 1 day for 3 of them is enough!

I kept another day for ‘Gardens by the Bay’ again and this time for Flower Dome, Clouds Forest and the Sky Walk which are a die-for for all time and I really mean it!!!! So so beautiful!!
The moment we entered inside Flower Dome, I felt chilled and got refreshed by the fragrances of beautiful flowers. The view was so picturesque and innovative I must say! It’s the largest glass greenhouse in the world as listed in the 2015 Guinness World Records! And the theme is changeable with the season and I guess that’s what makes this place amazingly beautiful and stunning!!!

Open daily:

    9.00am - 9.00pm
    Last ticket sale: 8.00pm
    Last admission: 8.30pm

    Indoor temperature Range: 23°C - 25°C

The following day I made it to ‘Cloud Forest’ by the afternoon. Don’t miss it. It’s a mysterious world veiled in mist. Get wet if you go close to the waterfall. Take the breath-taking mountain views surrounded by diverse vegetation and hidden floral gems. It was so peaceful having a stroll through the forest and skyline.

Open daily:
    9.00am - 9.00pm
    Last ticket sale: 8.00pm
    Last admission: 8.30pm

    Indoor temperature range: 23°C to 25°C

The next day I had a plan for Universal Studio Singapore in ‘Sentosa Island. It’s so huge and trust me one can’t enjoy everything up there in 1 day visit. It has to be 2 days visits to enjoy everything up there. I seemed to be popping my eyes out!! Hehe..! Everything was so decorative, clean and disciplined. I couldn’t understand where to start it off from. It has approximately 24 featured rides, shows and attractions in 7 themed zones. The live stunt show (which was no less than a short movie ), Far-Far-Away Castle (my favourite part), couple of other entertaining 4D shows which actually made me gasp couple of times and made me close my eyes until it got ended!! It’s absolutely stunning beautiful and fun day.

I saved a day for Singapore flyer next. It’s amazing. I fell in love with the height and breathtaking panoramic views of cosmopolitan cityscape, Marina Bay and beyond.

The last one but not the least to mention, we visited the beaches before we left the country and man, again it had us amazed by it’s beauty. The beaches were so quite, calm, clean and relaxing, what else do you need in a beach?!! There were few but to name them I remember two by far ‘Palawan Beach’ was my favourite. The suspension bridge has to be the steal of the beach and another one to name is ‘Siloso Beach’.
Both of the beaches are connected and has to be a must visited one, especially if you’re a beach lover, it’s a big yesss!

There are many more places and wide choices to highlight or give it a try to, which I have visited for my interest but I have highlighted few of them here which are must-sees for anyone out there going to visit Singapore and are popular places. If you have any questions or need to know anything more for the place, drop a comment below in the comment section.
I hope you guys find it informative and helpful!!! Thanks so much for reading in!!! 😊 Hope you guys are having a super beautiful weekend, enjoy!
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Perhaps 2017 is coming pretty quick to close!!! Isn’t it that we just started January yesterday and now today how it’s almost near to close, time goes by so faster. How many of you are having this same thought?

I don’t know why but I feel like as if I visited Singapore at an appropriate time when I needed that escape. 🤷‍♀️😊

I am so happy that we had the opportunity to board in Singapore a couple of days back in September this year. The moment we landed in Singapore we found our driver waiting for us as the flight was an hour delayed!! I felt sorry for that but it wasn’t on our hands! Since the flight got delayed and the driver was already waiting up quite long we couldn’t have seen much of the airport by that time and got into the car.
I felt quite bad and disappointment crushed on me poorly as I couldn’t tour inside it. ’Changi-Airport’ is the first great taste of the country and shouldn’t be missed out to have a quick tour inside it! If you have visited the country you know what I mean.

I had the most amazing time and visit ever. I can’t wait to share things up with you all in next couple of weeks! So, stay tuned with me. I will soon be posting more details.

Thanks so much for reading in here! Hope you have a nice day!