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floral printed shift dress

floral printed shift dress , floral-shift-dress , travelhues by babita sentravelhues
With the month coming to close, I cannot seem to wait for fall to play with the colours, red, wine, maroon, camel and of course black! Oh how gorgeous are these colours! Anyway, back to the outfit, this was an old wardrobe find of mine, the long I can remember, I bought it past year with one more piece with different colour and design but that is too a shift dress in term of category! I loved both of the designs and worn them! But to be honest, both of the products are poor in quality!!! I found the product’s colour came out on my hand and bag while shooting and that happened for both of the products! What a worst experience ever! Check the other one here!
Anyway, I loved those tiny floral prints all over the dress! Fitting is oversized! I don’t know where on earth was my mind while buying these two products even without reviewing one first!!!!😨😓😓

Umm.. So that was my experience wearing this dress, poor enough! And what I have learnt from it, are,

✔️ Please review the brands before you buy/ invest an amount!
✔️ If you cannot find any review, buy an item that’s priced lowest so that when you get the item handed, you can check the quality, and decide whether it deserves further purchase!

floral printed shift dress , floral-shift-dress , travelhues by babita sen

floral printed shift dress , floral-shift-dress , travelhues by babita sen

Do let me know my friends if you have ever experienced such things and also what are your tips regarding this, any tips would be appreciated! 😊 Thank you so much guys for reading through! I hope you like it and have a happy Monday!
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shein knot front striped dress

shein knot front striped dress , shien-stripe-dress , travelhues by babita sentravelhues
Ah I finally bought something from SHEIN, this dress is the first product that I bought from them and I love it!
I love anything striped, and this dress comes with that extra feature of tie front knot, I found it so cute! 😊 Haha! Anyway, it combines everything that I look for in any dress, the colour navy blue, the length and of course it’s stripped! And it’s so inexpensive, that the price could hardly be beat!(Whaaat??!)
I love that round neckline and short sleeves, perfect casual dress for summer. I think, it goes cool for anything comes your way, from a beach day, to an evening or day out or any other way you would like!
And to mention, the product feels great on skin!

Okay talking about the content and blog, I know I have been lacking contents these past few days! Ahh loaded with exams and shoot and and oh I still couldn’t manage to write on my another travel diary!!!!

Ah anyway, thank you so much my friends for reading through here! I love you all! Hope you have wonderful Thursday! See you in my next post!
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bangkok, thailand travel diary 2

bangkok, thailand travel diary 2 , img_0104 , travelhues by babita sentravelhues

Happy Friday my friends! Ah almost into the weekend!

Okay, let’s get back into track, this post was long time coming but I was so caught up with so many things in mind that I hardly could sit for this due part of Bangkok travel until today! 🤷‍♀️😁

I wanted to explore the city in a less length (didn’t want to travel far to explore the city) as we knew that Bangkok has horrible traffics and signals! Truth be told, we wanted to go to Maeklong railway station to witness that beautiful touristy umbrella market but have no idea what happened to their traffic that it took almost 1½ hours in the signal, YES, you read that right, that’s real fact that we faced and decided not to go there and get back to our room.
On returning back and the followed next two days we did nothing again, just had fun, ended up eating a looot, and shot a few!
Next morning, the weather was quite soothing and loving, no harsh sunlight, a pleasant beautiful day, so we decided to roam somewhere to explore the city. We went to Terminal 21. It’s a pretty beautiful place(mall) to give it a visit, a themed mall, each floor comes with different shopping streets styles, such as London, San Francisco etc! I bought a handbag from there!
The same day, we went another popular cafe called, Unicorn 🦄 Café’ I loved being in that cafe, it’s so pretty and the foods we had tested so delicious, yum! 😋 I loved the decorations and cute toys and their foods, I loved everything about the Café! Having those unicorn toys, I went back in my childhood! 🙈

At night, I came to know, about the fashion week running there in Bangkok, next day I went there and I felt so happy that I was there during BIFW and loved seeing other bloggers! It was great experience knowing how it feels & works like! After we done at there, we walked to Hello Kitty Café for a quick food break. But I really didn’t like the foods, it tested bad!!! None of the items were good!!! The smoothies were poor in test too!
Next day, we remained in hotel almost half day, since it rained out there. But let me tell you, I neither being bored! How, because who doesn’t love to see rain trickle through the giant glass, that comes with city view in the room, while sipping over a cup of hot tea and munching snacks. Ahh, how beautiful moment with beautiful view was that. And when rain stopped, the wet city looked extra beautiful and I so loved that!! Loved those wet bloomed flowers, aww hold me at this moment, I seem to be going back there in my mind! Hehe 🙈

And these were somewhat more or less what I did in Bangkok, Thailand. It was certainly an amazing experience I have had this year till now, If I have another chance to go back there, I wouldn’t miss it! There are so much more to explore and experience! I’m just counting on when I can revisit it again! Haha 😆

Tip : If you plan in summer, it’s very warm there so make sure you get cab instead of tuk -tuk! And for less distance coverage, step out late afternoons, you will still get the sunlight but less heat!

Few more travel posts coming up in the blog soon I finish ‘em! Keep an eye out here! Okay, like I always thank you all for stopping by here. Thanks a ton for all your love my friends! Hope you have a great Friday! See ya on next post!
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