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autumnal ruffles

autumnal ruffles , img_0174 , travelhues by babita sentravelhues
Hi everyone! I hope you all have been doing great and spent the weekend great! I have been lacking blog posts past few months, as you guys know the reason why, if you read my previous posts! Anyway, I made a quick stop today with this look! I so love love love this knit ruffled Forever 21 blouse! It fits me so nicely and warms up good, for Autumn or even it goes cool in winter underneath your jacket/coat. It’s so sophisticated and looks so flattering! I so love it! The moment, I found it, I knew, I’m sold. Haha 😆 Yeah, anything if it’s of good quality and Forever 21. I love the self striped pattern it has, and those ruffles around the wrists, are the absolute winner!😍😍
And since, I have been living in ruffles lately, I thought to pair it with a ruffled skirt, and I couldn’t get any better piece than this one. It’s from Forever New. It’s such a classy piece. The fabric is so soft. I love the length it gives and the front slit makes it super elegant, and chic. I love, the flared hem and how it works when you work, it doesn’t reveal the skin much! Oh girl, I pretty much concern on what the length is, and how much skin does it reveal! I want to comfortable in what I wear. And as it qualifies both, I had to give it a place in my closet. Hehe 😊  But the fitting was off on me a bit! Whatsoever, I love it!

I dressed it up with my favourite black booties. If you want to give your foot a relax walk, you can dress it down with a pair of sneakers. And I am sure, it will look as beautiful as it looks with heels.

Okay, so that’s my post for today. I really hope you guys like it and thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful Monday my friends! I see you in my next post, bye.
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polka dot and ruffles

polka dot and ruffles , img_0166 , travelhues by babita sentravelhues
Hi, happy Monday my friends! I know, I have been delaying on posting my contents and surely missing you all!!! These days, are going very quick, keeping me busy, can't believe, it's almost mid of November. I hope you guys started the month great! BTW, if you’ve been following me for awhile now, I have been filming videos for my YouTube channel. I will post a hair tutorial video tomorrow (Tuesday) . If you guys would like to join me, I would love to have you subscribed. ❤️😊 And if you check my channel, you will find this outfit in my latest video.

Okay, anyway, I wore this polka dot dress a few weeks back! I wore two pieces together here - Polka dot bodycon dress and this black knit ruffled blouse, underneath the dress. I love this polka dot trend! The dress fits so nicely and gives a girly look! The fabric of the dress, felt somewhat good, and the length is great. I love this versatile colour, that goes perfectly even on summer. I bought this piece from SHEIN.
I love that underneath black ruffled blouse. It give great warmth for cold weather, just perfect for our climate, but if you’re on cooler side, you sure got to layer a coat over it, to keep yourself warm.
And for my shoes, I’m wearing these MANGO heels! Well, yasss, since we live in tropical country, I barely wear knee length boots, unless I’m on a hill station staycation or vacation!!! The weather here is a blessing!

I really hope you guys like it and find it helpful! Thank you so so much for checking and reading in here. I love you all!!! Have a great day again! I see you on my next post, bye.
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ruffles and polka dots for fall

ruffles and polka dots for fall , img_0037 , travelhues by babita sentravelhues
Happy Tuesday my friends! I hope you guys had a great start of the week!
This dress is one of my favourite dresses I have found, for this fall. Those puffy sleeves along with that v neck look so pretty. It combines two of my favourite things, ruffles and polka dots! I love those ruffles on both side from waistline to bottom. The fitting is so flattering and comfy.
I bought it from shein .com, it’s such an affordable piece! And the fabric felt so good. I think, it will go great even on summer. I can't wait to wear it more!
And for my shoes, I’m wearing these booties from forever 21. These are so comfy to walk around and don't pain much! I had a fear of pain walking wearing them, but to my surprise, these didn't heart! When it’s fall, these are my wardrobe staple!!!
And my bag is from forever 21, it’s an adjustable and detachable sling bag. And my sunglass is from shein!

Thank you so much you all for taking time and reading through! I see you on my next post, till then take care, bye!
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